The game is Manchester United and Liverpool for the first time in the European Cup showdown, the two sides clash in the last 10, Liverpool 2 wins, 8 losses is not dominant, while Manchester United is under Van Gaal led Liverpool completed a four-game winning streak. The campaign by both sides attach great importance to, and therefore the main force to make removal, Henderson and Mata as captain. First tee of Manchester United, the opening will be given the opportunity to Memphis crosses Rush Crawford kneed Shepian out. Grabbing the ball for both sides is very intense, after another foul. The first 18 minutes, the restricted area within the Memphis pulling Klein foul, the referee ordered a penalty kick to the Memphis yellow card! Sturridge kick left foot shot, Degea although met but failed to stop the ball network, Liverpool the lead, the score became 1-0!

The first 22 minutes, Stewart Ritchie restricted the right of cross sent Kudiniao outside the instep shot, Degea quick to respond, remove the ball! Liverpool controlled the ball for a long time, Manchester United is trying to fight back by making threats. The first 30 minutes, Smolin backcourt siege mistakes, after the point unmarked Sturridge Bajiaonushe, Degea made key saves again! The first 35 minutes, Fellaini wins a free kick for Manchester United, Memphis try to lift the ball wide. The first 41 minutes, Phil Mino the right ball low and flat, Lallana Road, follow toward the near corner, again De Gea saved the ball. Before halftime, Rojo peripheral attempt long-range higher.

Easy side battles, Carrick replace Crawford Rush play, Manchester United 3 to change the play halfback. The first 50 minutes, after the Sinai Delin lateral dribbling kicker shot, the ball was Minnie Ole. 53 minutes, Coutinho and his teammates after mating volley from outside the area, Degea ball Dan Zhang asked the beam. The first 59 minutes, when Fellaini Klein defensive foul, yellow card by the referee. The first 62 minutes, after cutting inside the left sent straight Memphis, Marshall plug, but stopping mistakes siege. Subsequently, Qiao Alun replace Sturridge played. The first 68 minutes, Liverpool again missed scoring opportunities, Henderson then Lallana inverted triangle pass directly Tuishe missed.

The first 72 minutes, Henderson on the right ball low and flat, Carrick siege not far, Lallana cross the ball, Phil Mino Qiangdian shot, the score became 2-0! The first 78 minutes, Manchester United even for two people, Herrera and replace Schweinsteiger and Schneider Mata forest play. The first 83 minutes, Phil minoxidil was substituted Origi. Later, Bastian Schweinsteiger on the right pass, Feilai Ni header just wide. Since then, both sides failed to create opportunities. In the end, Liverpool won the first leg victory, the two sides will carry out the second leg match at Old Trafford on March 18.

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