The game Gundogan not in the squad because of injury, including Kane Tottenham over the main aspects, including the bench. The first six minutes of the first half, Durham right pass, Royce headed back to do, Castro follow Chanshe Qiangdian slightly higher. Then, 11 minutes, Schmelzer biography, Aubameyang the ball hit the door once again above the goal. The first 14 minutes, Mkhitaryan shot was saved by Lori, Aubameyang quick follow-up tip-break, but was offside in advanced the ball is invalid. The first 31 minutes, the ball from the wing Schmelzer, Aubameyang grab the ball before the defender into the top corner, Lori only watch the ball disappointed, 1-0! After the ball, the Spurs players some impatience. The first 36 minutes, Tom - Carol at a scraping with a very dangerous act Chuaidao Schmelzer face their yellow card referee. Since then both sides have offensive and defensive, but failed to rewrite the score. The first half ended, more especially 1-0 Tottenham.

Easy side battles, the first 51 minutes, Aubameyang single-handedly blocked, then Castro blank range hit the post. The first 61 minutes, Dott out tactical corner, Castro biography, Subotic headed the ball ferry to the rear point, had a good ambush Royce small-angle volley burst shooting broke, 2-0! The first 70 minutes, and more particularly after multiple foot after passing by Aubameyang ball to the left of Castro, Castro exquisite cross over the Tottenham defense, Royce volley broke, 3- 0! The first 76 minutes, replaced Son Heung-Min Kane came off the bench, followed by more special goal hero Royce and Aubameyang Ramos were replaced with Shinji Kagawa. The next game the two sides no achievements, the final whistle, Dott 3-0 win over Tottenham.

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2016/3/11 17:02:03