Barcelona in the media stir when winter signings, Barcelona club faces a major dilemma: Barcelona almost no winter signings budget. Barcelona club technical departments still make an effort for the team's signings, but budget limitations team is very obvious. Barcelona almost no capital investment, the team can be used to enhance the strength of the list has become shorter and shorter. Barcelona wants signings, but the market is not so much cheap or free players available.

"Daily Sports" reported that Barca coaches still believe that, in order to ensure that the team achieve good results at the end of the season, then the best option is to introduce a player to strengthen the team's offensive. Barcelona needs no emergency signings, but the team's coach suggested the club to introduce the players, and the introduction of the players should be non-general. Club board of directors had no objection to the study of the signings, but also very clear to the technology sector, the club's signings this winter is almost zero budget. Prior to June next year, the club will not spend big in the transfer market.

It is reported that this week, Barcelona club technical director Robert - Fernandez Ortega and his aides were contacted with a number of brokers, these brokers to Barcelona offers some interesting names. For some players, Robert requires brokers to provide more information, as well as some of the players not currently in Barcelona consideration. And when you meet with each broker, even to the other two will explain the current situation of the Barcelona club that Barcelona will not cost a lot in the winter transfer market.

Barcelona club of choice is introduced in the winter that almost no money players have to pay the transfer fee have to wait until June next year and then pay. That is, consider the following three options Barcelona: First First Loan, to June next year and then bought out; the second is the first introduction of the players, but the delay in payment to the summer of next year to pay the fee; the third is to introduce free players. However, "the daily sports newspaper" also pointed out that under such harsh conditions, Barcelona is fully guaranteed in order to find players is very difficult.

Barcelona club technical director Robert is developing a small list of interest, this list will deepen in the coming weeks, but for the signings, Barcelona did not set a specific timetable. At present, the Barcelona players who have not yet introduced on specific consensus, Robert lies in communication with Enrique, the two sides discussed a number of options, but did not make a final decision. Barcelona hopes to introduce free players, or will appear next intriguing name. Prior to January 4 Barcelona has a time, and if there are no serious injuries, then Barcelona does not exclude the possibility of signings.

Under the UEFA financial fair bill, the club losses in each three-year evaluation period can not be more than 50 million euros, while Barcelona's current financial situation is not ideal, which in June this year, is still up to 328 million euros debt (data From Deloitte). Barcelona this season, the debt must be reduced by 15%, which is 50 million euros. "Daily Sports Daily" reported that a variety of factors are intertwined, Barcelona winter window signings cost is almost zero, which means that Barcelona will not only Boge Ba, Royce missed such a big star, and even the introduction of Sergio Tower striker Nuoli Tuo has become very difficult, because of his contract buyout costs up to 18 million euros.

2015/11/19 3:36:47