0-3 loss to Dortmund, Tottenham's Europa League basic end. After the game, Tino Rinpoche said it was a "bad night."

Dott lost 0-3 away to Tottenham want at home second leg comeback has been difficult. Rinpoche Tarantino said: "We need to work, too bad 0-3 result today is very, very bad day, it is difficult to explain why our performance so bad, I am very disappointed that we did not play well, this. that is the reason we lost. "

Tottenham to come in the rotation paid a painful price, the face of all-out Dott, Tottenham suffered the worst defeat of the season. Ali banned, Deere injured, Kane and Lamela bench, this young field Tottenham Duo Teche bottom is destroyed. Rinpoche Tarantino talk about their choices, which he said:. "I can not complain, I just want to choose the best line-up, but sometimes bad luck, there will be poor performance."

Wimmer young defender said: "This result too bad, very poor performance if we score a goal, the situation will be good but we have scored three goals at White Hart Lane to comeback, maybe if we scored early, then. promotion there is hope. but in general it is difficult to play the next game. our performance was disappointing, and more particularly in the face of such a team, on the road can not come up with such a performance. we have not in this state, and more especially played very well, we did not give them enough pressure.

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2016/3/11 17:05:09