Bulls back to back at home to usher Heat challenge, the Bulls took the lead in the first half. But they hit rate plummeted in the second half, only 15 points in the fourth quarter. Heat played climax complete go-ahead score, the final Heat to 118-96 victory over the Bulls, the Bulls gave 2-game losing streak.

Bulls data: Paul - Gasol 17 points and 12 rebounds and 9 assists, Thailand - Gibson 13 points and six rebounds, Justin - Huo Ledi 14 points, four rebounds, Nikola - Mirotic 6 points and 3 rebounds, Mike - Dunleavy 8 points 2 rebounds, Aaron - Brooks 11 points, 3 assists, Doug - McDermott 10 points and 2 rebounds.

Heat Data: Dwyane - Wade 9 points and 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Golan - Dragic 26 points and nine assists, Joe - Johnson 15 points, three rebounds, lol - Deng 19 points and six rebounds, Hassan - Huai Tese Germany 13 points and 16 rebounds, Josh - Richardson 22 points and 4 assists, Justis - Winslow 8 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

Gibson in the beginning of the game for the Bulls scored 4 points, the Bulls 6-0 start. However, the Heat immediately respond, Wade and Stoudemire together scored 4 points, Joe - Johnson dropped into third, the Heat to score closer. But the Bulls bench Mirotic in the middle of this section even vote with a penalty scored six points, Pau Gasol also dropped into third, the Bulls establish a 10-point lead. Although the Heat bench Josh - at the end of this section Richardson scored 4 points, but Gasol hit three retaliate, the Bulls to 31-23 lead eight minutes the first section.

Heat more flowering in the early part of the second quarter, Whiteside scored 4 points, Deng and Dragic also score, the Heat shot 8-2, the points deficit to 2 points. But the Bulls respond promptly and sent Brooks hit three assists, helping the Bulls maintained a slim lead. While Dragic later scored 4 points for the Heat, but the Bulls Justin - Huo Ledi labeled 2 +1 retaliate. After Gibson labeled as 2 + 1, Justin - Huo Ledi again in the third, the Bulls re-established 9-point lead. The last paragraph of this section, Whiteside and Dragic were all scored 4 points, the Heat at halftime to chase the score 54-58.

Exchange that the two teams back in the third quarter, Pau Gasol and Gibson teamed up for the Bulls scored 4 points, Dunleavy also soared in the third, but the Heat Deng counterattack dunk fired back and hit the third, Wade and Germany pull Silajdzic also hit third, the Heat biting score. Later, the Heat more investment along, Dragic and Joe - Johnson each hit three-pointers, the Heat to complete the go-ahead. Although the Bulls after Dunleavy labeled 2 +1, but Dragic scored four points retaliate again, the Heat maintained a slim lead. Section Three cruised the Heat to 84-81 lead three minutes.

Heat bench Josh - Richardson early in the fourth scored four points to help the Heat to expand the lead. Bulls hit rate plummeted in five minutes only 2 points. Heat took the opportunity to pull the score, Deng hit three-pointers and hook shot, Josh - Richardson again in 2 three-pointers, the Heat shot a wave of 13-2, in one fell swoop to establish 16-point lead. Bull has yet to back feel, Miami's Josh - after Richardson and Deng again in the third, the Heat extended their lead to 20 points or more, this victory.

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