Raptors go back to back away to the Bucks, a game DeRozan holiday. Raptors play score climax in the third quarter opened the score at the end of the Bucks failed to set off an offensive chase points, the Raptors opened the score further. Ultimately, the Raptors 107-89 on the road to beat the Bucks, ending the Bucks 3 game winning streak.

Bucks Data: Jabari - Parker 18 points and four rebounds, Ioannis -Antetokounmpo18 points and 12 rebounds and 9 assists, Greg - Monroe 8 points and 9 rebounds, Chris - Middleton 12 points and 3 assists, Jerry - Bayless 11 points, Myers - Pula Bromley 6 points and 3 rebounds.

Raptors data: Kyle - Lori 25 points and 11 assists, Norman - Powell 17 points, three rebounds, Luis - Luis Scola 7 points and 7 rebounds, James - Johnson 11 points, 1 rebound, Billon Bo 12 points and 13 rebounds, Patrick - Patterson 14 points and six rebounds, Terrence - Rose 11 points and 3 rebounds.

The first section of the game, home game of the Bucks more flowers in the beginning, Bayless hit in the cast, and the third, Monroe scored four points in the basket, Colin letter with a fine cast to get 5 points, leading the Bucks to establish Advantage. However, the Raptors later find touch, Lori dropped into the third to give Biyombo 4 points, the Raptors equalized. But the Bucks backup center Myers - Pula Bromley at the end of this section scored six points, the Bucks at the end of the first section to 28-22 lead six minutes.

Second section back, the Raptors found thirds feel, Lori and cause foul third of three free throws, Terrence - Ross and Patterson were soared in the third, the Raptors go-ahead to complete in one fell swoop. Bucks power outage, they are once in four minutes only 2 points. Raptors maintained a good third of touch, Scola, Lori and Norman - Powell hit the third, respectively, the Raptors extended their lead to nine points. But the Bucks at the end of this section back feel, letters brother, Middleton, Jabari - Parker and Monroe scored separately, multi-flowering Bucks at halftime to chase the score 49-52.

Midfielder back, Raptors continuation thirds firepower, Norman - Powell hit in the cast, and the third, James - Johnson also two-thirds vote, the Raptors 10-0 to expand the lead to double digits. Later Raptors maintained a good feel, James - sudden foreign investment in Johnson scored four points, Lori soared in the third, the Raptors further expand the lead. Bucks at the end of this section back feel, Middleton stand up and scored eight points, but the Raptors scored four points Joseph answered, the Raptors at the end of the third quarter to 81-66 lead 15 points.

The last one, the Raptors bench and Terence Patterson - Ross up a joint that is soared in 3 three-pointers, the Raptors extended their lead to 24 points, this seal the victory. Raptors no longer come after the lineup, the Bucks Ennis and Jabari - Parker continuous score, but the Raptors Norman - Powell answered with score, Raptors maintained their lead to whistle, the final easily beat the Bucks.

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