Sits at home in Denver today to usher in magic challenge will be to build the Magic in the first half 15-point advantage the tone for the game in the end, the magic trio scored more than 20 points to help them beat the Nuggets 116-110 victory to win .

Magic Data: Evan - Fournier 30 points, three rebounds and three assists, Victor - Oladipo 23 points, six assists and four rebounds, Jason - Smith 25 points and 13 rebounds, Brandon - Jennings 12 points and 11 assists, Aaron - Gordon 16 points and three rebounds.

Nuggets data: Gary - Harris 18 points, three rebounds, Nikola - Jokic 14 points, six rebounds and four assists, Will - Jenson Button 15 points and four rebounds, if Frey - Ernie Lowe 12 points eight rebounds.

Beginning of the game both sides played very large-scale cooperation block, Jokic score first open up the situation, Fournier playing board and then answered with a jumper, the Magic rely on Gordon's three-point lead before the pause. Returning after a pause both still maintain efficient scoring efficiency, Jokic here just hit a record third, Gordon back then answered with a third. With the Magic began to expand more sustained offensive advantage, Fournier hit two three one person into the team to establish 10 points advantage. Last paragraph Ernie Lowe scored four points to help the Nuggets to catch up with the score, the first section of Harding Park, the Magic to 32-25 lead Nuggets 7 points.

Second section of the two sides is still hard to return the outcome, Jason - Smith took the lead shooting succeeded, Ernie Lowe immediately answered with a hook, the two sides failed to start accounted for cheap, Harris labeled a nifty 2 + 1 will have chase the score 4 points, but Oladipo stable shooting quickly stabilize the situation, the last paragraph of the magic start another third of the rain, Fournier and Gordon's two three-pointers to help the magic to 61-45 lead Nuggets.

Easy side battles, the Nuggets still in a weak start, Harris is divided into three teams start to slightly recover the score, but shortly thereafter Oladipo will cause one-third foul three free throws, but also hit a Fournier three-pointers, points difference was widened to 18 points. Mudi Ai critical moment even the Savior into two three-pointers, but the face of the state of fiery magic, they failed to narrow the score closer. Augustine outbreak last paragraph, he first hit a record third, then scored again with a fine cast with 4 points, the Nuggets will be sent out to six points entering the fourth quarter.

Augustine fiery state to the fourth quarter, he will start the first attack of the opponent one-third foul and three free throws, but the magic here by virtue of Oladipo and Jason - Smith hold steady goal advantage. Points difference was not much, but the magic has always maintained a lead, the Magic had a bout scored four points, Ilyasova labeled as 2 + 1, while Jason - Smith also fouled and hit the free throws, the Magic once re-establish a double-digit lead. Finally decisive moment, Denver launched a successful counterattack, Harris hit a key three-pointers, Mudi Ai twice in the cast hit the Nuggets against the unremitting efforts to counter chase the score 4 points, but unfortunately at this time is not enough, Mu Didier final third of the blacksmith, the magic beat the Nuggets 116-110 to win the victory.

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2016/3/16 17:33:10