Today, the Lakers vs. the sun, the two sides hit rate is very general, and the Lakers offense stalled in the second section so that they are in a big deficit, although the last one in Williams led the team frenzied counterattack was reversed by the competition hope, but Chennai especially critical moment still let the sun frequently score thrilling win.

Lakers Data: Louis - Williams 30 points, three rebounds, Dan Jiluo - Russell 9 points and 4 assists, Brandon - Bass 10 points and six rebounds, Jordan - Clarkson 8 points and 2 assists, Marcelo - Hu Huertas 5 points and 10 assists, Julius - Randall 2 points and 9 rebounds.

Sun Data: Brandon - Knight 22 points and six rebounds, German - Booker 21 points and seven assists, Tyson - Chandler 12 points and 17 rebounds, PJ- Tucker 13 points and six rebounds, Mirza - Tai Laituo Albion 5 points and 7 rebounds, John - Jenkins 9 points.

The first Festival began, German - Booker hit a jumper lead after Clarkson also respond immediately hand to hit a record third, but then the Lakers consecutive shots, and Tucker together to get 5 points inside and outside Chandler Le instant wave hit opened the score 9-0. After a while the two sides blacksmith, Dan Jiluo - Russell became active, he first hit two free throws, followed by three consecutive inside and outside the line for his teammates sent assists also in a jumper for the Lakers approaching points difference. By the end of this section dropped into third after Knight, Kelly Hu Huertas consecutive assists and Buzz score points difference was narrowed to 1 point, but followed Knight's two plus one, and Price's layup again opened the score, and Kelly Hu Huertas buzzer assists to empty after layup, the sun to 26-22 lead.

Second section of the game back, Bath backhand layup for the Lakers took the lead two minutes, but then German - Booker scored four points and led the Suns played a wave 8-0 continue to widen the score, the Lakers immediately request for the suspension, the race to come back, the Lakers did not receive the adjustment effect, Louis - Williams scored only slightly in contact with Taylor Bulatovic and German - Booker scored contend, but even with a fine cast Houluoyier get 5 points still allow the sun to expand the lead. Since then, although the Lakers Clarkson free throws, but also of Metta World Peace hit a jumper, but Tucker's outside-third of the sun to 47-32 halftime lead.

Back halftime, the Lakers played a good start, not only has the performance of Clarkson three-point play, Russell and Hibbert also scored for Houston fought back to narrow the score 9-2, but the sun was suspended several consecutive rounds successful defense and brush the counterattack quickly responded again allow 7-0 points difference back to 16 points. Since then the two sides into the tug of war, you come to me points difference has remained at 16 points up and down for a long time, to the end of the festival, even if Lewis - Williams have outside third, also near buzzer layup, but Budinger and - John Jenkins scored still let the sun 68-54 lead.

Fight to the last one, and John Williams - Jenkins to cut 7 points, while Juan Huertas layup consecutive assists and more will be sent out to eight points, the sun came back after a short pause, Booker vote with penalty to get 7 points, but this time Williams three free throws and small Nance, Kelly also scored bite the score, then it is all the Lakers take Hu Huertas, small Nance and Bass dichotomy after approaching the points difference to 4 points. Knight then get 5 points inside and outside of time, but also Williams-thirds vote and the Lakers only 1 point behind, retains comeback hopes, but in the last minutes, Knight's jumper and a stable two free throws to make the sun eventually win the game 95-90.

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2016/3/19 17:31:35