After the loss to the Blazers, the pelican continue Clippers sits at home to usher in the challenge, Anthony - Davis will not play this season, but the multi-flowering after three pelicans has maintained a leading, leading the final 14 seconds pelican 3 minutes, small rivers key not in the third game this conclusion, the final pelican home to 109-105 win.

Pelican data: Zhu - Huo Ledi 22 points and eight assists, Tim - Tim Fraser 17 points, seven rebounds, Omer - Asik 15 points and 14 rebounds, Dante - Cunningham 19 points and six rebounds, Luke - Babbitt 14 points and eight rebounds.

Data Clippers: Chris Paul - 24 points and 13 assists, JJ- Redick 24 points, 2 rebounds, Paul - Paul Pierce 9 points 2 rebounds, DeAndre - Jordan 12 points and nine rebounds, Jamal - Jamal Crawford 14 points, four rebounds .

Pelican coach Gentry announced, Anthony - Davis because of a knee injury and a shoulder injury, will not attend the rest of the game, which is really their injury pelican is bad news. Douglas breakthrough dumped network opened the prelude to the game, with Houhuoledi ball layup positive response. Clippers here, Reddick hit a jumper, Paul launched into third lesson. Section after section, the two teams began to Biao-third: Huo Ledi after injection into third, Reddick immediately answered with two three-pointers network, performance is not much better, but Cunningham and Douglas followed with a third of the tooth for a tooth . After Babbitt caused by foul free throws, the first end of the game, the Clippers to 24-21 lead three minutes into the second quarter pelican race.

Section II opening, veteran jope hit the third, Crawford jumper network, extending the Clippers' offensive firepower. Pelican here more through foul, free throws up points for the team. The latter half of the second quarter, Fraser launched into third, but Redick hit a jumper, Crawford layup to break the ball, behind the inferior erased. Paul shells in addition to transport golfers series offensive team, also own the outside Leng Jian sudden, overwhelming opponents. Huo Ledi after the ball hit a layup, the first half end of the game, leading the Clippers to 56-54 two minutes into the second half of the Pelicans game.

The second half began, the ball Asik dunks succeeded, Douglas hit a jumper, Huo Ledi launched into third, pelicans play a wave 11-1 offensive, while the Clippers offense misfiring side, caught up to seven minutes scoring drought, until Paul breakthrough dumped network, the Clippers scored the second half was a field goal. In the offensive team will not ring true when the veteran jope stood out, he first counter labeled as 2 +1, followed eyesight launched into third for the team to stop bleeding. After Fraser made two free throws, the end of the third quarter, leading the Clippers 78-72 to Pelican 6 minutes into the final section of the competition.

Distal opening, the base caused by foul free throws, the ball also Cunningham layup, pelican came double-digit lead again. Even stay ahead, but the Pelican still firm, Jordan cut small, but after a few rounds, pelicans many mistakes, the Clippers are approaching the score. Fortunately Asik and groups have been reached, the situation is temporarily stabilized. The last 2 minutes, the Clippers take the double-team tactics, forcing the pelicans many mistakes, points difference has been reduced to 1 minute. The last 24 seconds, Huo Ledi two free throws, the ball Reddick hit a layup, points difference is 1 minute. Rivers after a small key not in the third, the game has lost its suspense. Eventually, the pelican home win.

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