Ranked fifth in West Memphis challenge to the Phoenix sun, the latter just beat the Lakers end losing streak, the sun in the first three quarters of the game has remained the score lead, but helpless in the distal opponents launched frenzied counterattack, and by virtue of the critical moment Stephenson thus reverse the game to play, the Grizzlies finally grabbed victory on the road, ushered in two straight.

Sun Data: German - Booker 18 points and 4 rebounds, Brandon - Knight 13 points and seven assists, PJ- Tucker 15 points, three rebounds, Jon - Magloire 13 points and 12 rebounds, Alex - Ryan 9 points and 5 rebounds.

Grizzlies data: Lance - Stephenson 16 points and 2 rebounds, Zach - Zach Randolph 14 points and 12 rebounds, Tony - Allen 12 points and 4 rebounds, Matt - Mainz 12 points and nine rebounds, Ray - McCullough Farm 9 points and 7 assists, Jordan - Jordan Farmar 12 points and 3 assists.

Chandler then Tucker assists dunk opened the prelude to the whole game, Booker scored five points, Ryan scored its first goal in the basket singles, Tucker made destruction free throw 2 points, opening the darling of the sun while the Grizzlies here only rely on Randolph and Allen were tapping in a ball. But then the sun appeared here many mistakes, Hollins with two goals inside, outside Barnes threw three points, the Grizzlies will be worse gradually approaching, after the two sides hit rate has decreased, but the Grizzlies here suffocating defense, and Randolph Stephenson play is more robust, cruised to the first section of the Grizzlies 24-21 lead over 3 points.

Section between the back rest, the sun feels on the outside first find offensive, Price connected to two 3 points, Taylor Bulatovic also dropped two distant points in one fell swoop go-ahead score, the Grizzlies showed employment dilemma no one can stand up and help the team score, while the sun here, the more momentum Viet fight, Jenkins, Budinger outside Magloire and then dropped into the third of a meter, respectively, the sun has extended the lead to 12 points pause back Barnes scored from beyond the arc to vote, Hollins dunk, the Grizzlies slightly stabilize the situation in the field, but the sun continued to hit an outside line here Knight, after the sun 50-39 halftime lead with 11 points .

Easy side battles, McCallum cast hollow network, the Grizzlies head start in the second half. The sun seems to have lost the hot hand in the first half of the first three minutes, only to rely on a man Booker dropped 3 points and the Grizzlies here Hollins labeled as 2 + 1, Allen fast-break points, helping the team will be divided 5 points difference approaching to a thin, after the two sides started on all words, Tucker dropped into the game the first 3 points, Carter also gives response to the perimeter, Knight also spoils, Randolph inside themselves, frequently hit, the sun not much better, at Knight's lead is still able to pull the needle stable score, end of the three, the sun 73-70 lead three minutes.

Distal start of the race, Stephenson carom, Jenkins also scored four points, the two sides did not give way. But then it became completely Stephenson's performance time, two consecutive labeled 2 + 1, the beginning of this section within the first three minutes he was only one person scored 10 points, and it has the Grizzlies go-ahead score. Suspension back Taylor Bulatovic back jumper to help the team scored again, but the Grizzlies here is irresistible, just signed Jordan Farmar chopped 7 points, the Grizzlies have extended the lead to five points. Suspension back Knight free throws by 2 points in the paint hit Ryan Booker still make two points, the sun will again play a 6-0 go-ahead score, early anti-Barnes free throws by 1 point, the two sides back to the same starting line, Ryan scored a goal inside, Knight CIC network, Randolph insider scored four points, the game 1 minute 40 seconds, the two teams tied 97 level. Suspension back Stephenson break tied, the Grizzlies mastered the field active, suspended back the sun failed to seize the opportunity to attack, shot, Farmar was forced to foul, and the latter steadily sank two free throws, the game in this conclusion, the final victory over the Grizzlies on the road the sun, ushered in two straight.

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