According to Western media, "Aspen Daily" reported that the former Barcelona president Joan Laporta said that Ronaldo had to leave Real Madrid's age, and predicted Barcelona win in the national derby.

Laporta said: "Ronaldo's transfer rumors are not to my surprise, he has come to the self-reflection of age, there are many questions to be addressed now is a good time to move to the Premier League a lot of money, some clubs might take. action. He has played for a number of years at Real Madrid, perhaps to open up the road. The players will be looking for a better contract, Ronaldo has to leave the old. "

Turning the national derby, Laporta said: "I think Barcelona will win, we better our performance in the Bernabeu has been good, it would be a good match Barcelona in better shape, our striker rods. Messi if the return is better. I like the style of play Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid coach often change, which means that they need time to adapt. "

When asked whether Neymar and Ronaldo the same level, Laporta said: "Yes, of course, Neymar very, very well, he will only get better."

2015/11/20 1:35:08