Two straight bull sits at home today ushered in the King's challenge, Gasol back played 25 minutes, scored 14 points, 14 rebounds and three blocked shots, helping the audience to maintain a leading bull, and in the distal curb the king's counterattack, eventually 109-102 home win.

Bulls data: Derek - Rose 18 points, five rebounds, Jimmy - Butler 11 points and eight assists, Thailand - Gibson 18 points, three rebounds, Paul - Gasol 14 points and 14 rebounds, Doug - McDermott 16 points and 1 rebound .

Kings data: Demarcus - Cousins ​​19 points and 18 rebounds, Darren - Collison 19 points and 4 rebounds, Rajon - Rondo 14 points and five assists, Rudy - Rudy Gay 18 points, five rebounds, Omri - Card Sri Lanka than 7 points and 8 rebounds.

Gay launched into third opened the game a prelude to the net with a jumper Hou Aixi positive response. Bulls side, Gibson underhand layup, Ross breakthrough jumper in the lesson. Jimmy - Butler opening only 5 minutes sent three steals, so the team many times easily beaten back. Veteran Recently Dunleavy poor state today, opening three shots were not fruitless, even Language vacancies. Half of the first quarter, even McDermott 2 three-pointers, forcing the king requested a suspension. Suspension back, Collison breakthrough labeled 2 + 1 point for the team to save a little face. McDermott thirds again after the first section end of the game, the Bulls lead to 30-26 lead four minutes into the second section of the King game.

Section II opening, Caron - Butler even 2 jumper, the king continued offensive firepower. Bulls outdone here: Portis layup, Justin - Huo Ledi launched into third to give retaliate. Jimmy - Butler today, do not worry yourself attack, he repeatedly sent pass to teammate, series from the team's offensive. The latter half of the second quarter, Belinelli dumped network, even in the 2 Gay jumper, forcing the Bulls request for suspension. Suspension back, Gibson free throws up points for the Bulls. James - not in the third Anderson, the first half end of the game, the Bulls lead to 59-51 lead eight minutes into the second half of the Kings game.

The second half began, Ross firmly hit a jumper, the Bulls lead to double digits. King's misfiring side of the offensive end, more than two minutes of time did not score fetched, until Rondo dribbling layup, finally broke the awkward silence on the offensive end. Gasol's comeback performance on the offensive end today no significant mountain dew, but the defensive end repeatedly sent clouds of closure, defended the tough bull fly zone. After half of the third quarter, after Dunleavy launched into third, Collison and Guy immediately answered with a record third network, performance is not much better. Cousins ​​labeled as 2 + 1, the third quarter ended, the Bulls to 82-81 lead one minute into the final king a fight.

Distal opening, Collison and Marco Belinelli thirds again, so that the king will go-ahead score. But Jimmy - Butler backhand hit a layup, Gasol made two free throws, the Bulls played a wave of 10-0 offensive, take the initiative. The king too many mistakes, many times the ball right plate. Last minute, Gasol hit a jumper, Dunleavy launched into third, so this match a foregone conclusion. Eventually, the Bulls home win.

2016/3/22 17:06:14