Hawks at home to usher challenge the Wizards, the two teams played very stalemate in the first three quarters, the score biting. However, the Eagles hit rate declined in the fourth quarter, only single scored 16 points, the Wizards play more flowering score climax, pull the score. Eventually, the Wizards beat the Hawks 117-102, won five straight, while the end of the Hawks five-game winning streak.

Eagles data: Jeff - Teague 23 points and 4 assists, Paul - Paul Millsap 13 points and 2 rebounds, Al - Horford 14 points, nine rebounds and nine assists, Mike - Scott 9 points 2 rebounds - Dennis Schroeder Germany 9 points and 2 assists, tiny Tim - Hardaway 16 points and four rebounds.

Data Wizards: John - Wall 27 points and 14 assists, Bradley - Bill 25 points, three rebounds, Marcin - Gortat 15 points, seven rebounds, Otto - Porter 16 points, 10 rebounds, 6 points and 4 rebounds Nene , Maji Fu - Morris 14 points and 7 rebounds and assists.

Wizards start to become masters, Gortat scored and Bill together, Morris hit the third, the Wizards play 7-0 start. However, the home game of the Hawks immediately launched a counterattack, Mier Sa Puri sudden foreign investment scored 5 points, Kyle Korver soared in the third, the Hawks to score closer. Although after Gortat scored six points for the Wizards, but the Hawks bench small Hardaway hit two three-pointers retaliate, Schroeder also soared in the third section in this last attack, in the Eagles 30-27 at the end of the first section go-ahead score.

Expand the early part of the bench in the second quarter the two teams exchange that the Hawks hit the third and Scott hook, small Hardaway hit in the cast, but Bill hit two answered with a jumper, Nene and Dudley together also scored 4 points, both sides biting score. Later, the two teams find three-point touch, teamed Hawks Horford Teague and dropped into 3 three-pointers, but the Wizards backcourt Spear Wall and Bill together also soared in 3 three-pointers lesson. Harding Park half, the Wizards to 61-59 lead two minutes.

Eagles back in the third series of mistakes, the Wizards took the opportunity to Wall scored 4 points, Morris soared in the third, the Wizards 7-0, to extend their lead to nine points. This middle section, the Hawks back feel, Saifuluosha and Teague hit the third, but Bill retaliate only 3 three-pointers, the Wizards maintain a leading edge. Later Horford find touch, he was sudden foreign investment for the Hawks scored seven points, but then Bill 1 lesson in mind, Wall also hit two jumpers, the Wizards suppressed Eagles offensive chase points. However, the Eagles backup small Hardaway and Schroeder in the last 30 seconds of this section were scored, the Hawks play 5-0, at the end of the third quarter to chase the score 86-89.

Hawks hit rate declined in the fourth quarter, they first 3 minutes only 2 points; Wizards Temple then hit the third, Nene and Bill in the cast succeeded, the Wizards again expand the lead. After the eagle has yet to back feel, once they are 3 minutes of time just to get 1 point; Wizards maintained a good feel, Potter suddenly broke out, he was suddenly outside investment and scored seven points, assists and steals to complete the Wall counterattack score, the Wizards shot a wave of 9-1, the lead expanded to 13 points, in this victory.

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