Sits at home in Celtic magic today ushered challenges, the Green Army with 13 points advantage into the margins narrowly escaped comeback, the Magic continue to push the fight back once the score narrowed to four points, but the key small and Bradley Thomas last moment goals helped them win the game to seal the victory. Eventually, the Celtics 107-96 win over the Magic won two straight.

Celtics data: Isaiah - Thomas 28 points, seven assists and five rebounds, Avery - Bradley 22 points, nine rebounds and three assists, Evan - Turner 16 points, five rebounds and four assists Amir - Johnson 11 points and 11 rebounds, Kelly - Nick Ollie 22 points and five rebounds.

Magic Data: Victor - Oladipo 25 points, eight rebounds and five steals, Evan - Fournier 13 points 2 steals, Aaron - Gordon 13 points and eight rebounds, Andrew - Nicholson 13 points and six rebounds.

Both teams start state is not good, both in the first four minutes to give a total of 9 points, the Celtics rely 2 + 1 and Bradley Thomas of small goals and gradually occupy the upper hand scene. In addition to the two start Daide Meng magic goal in mind, the first 7 minutes 15 seconds in a scoreless, poor performance for the team struggling, Celtics seize the opportunity, Turner outside hit the third, the Celtics will expand the advantage to 10 points. Jason - Smith tipped to help the Magic to break the deadlock, followed by Fournier and Oladipo have succeeded gradually stabilize the situation. Nick O'Leary last paragraph into two record three Celtics hold the advantage, the first section of Harding Park, the Celtics 22-17 to end the first quarter.

Second section return Ilyasova will send a record third, followed by Jason - Smith's two free throws to help the Magic to tie the game successfully. Bradley's key rate three points to help break the deadlock, but the situation is not totally under their control, Haizuo Virginia labeled as 2 + 1, Nicholson outside hit the third, the Magic ahead score in one fell swoop. Stalemate the two sides have failed to account for cheap, green military stalemate rely Orly 2 + 1 and Nick Turner scored again go-ahead score, the scene re-occupy the initiative of the Green Army persistent efforts, Nick O'Leary once again labeled as 2 + 1 state burst table, he then nearly hit the buzzer three points to help the Celtics to 56-49 at halftime.

Easy side battles, both sides continue to maintain efficient state score, magic here Oladipo just hit a record third, the Green Army Amir - Johnson quickly answered with a 2 + 1, the two sides almost scored me to you he answered with a ball of state play the exchange, this state has been a stalemate to this section more than half, or the first breakthrough of the Celtics rely on third and Orly Nick Turner's goal, the green Army successfully established two digit advantage occupied scene initiative. Fournier critical moment had scored six points to help the Magic catching the score, but the Green Army stable performance so that they do not have much way, Turner recorded two step-back shooting again control the situation. Three Harding Park, the Green Army to lead the Magic 91-78 13 points.

Distal Magic Last Stand off a counterattack, Payton lead layup, then Oladipo and Nicholson have been chasing the score close score. Celtic uncharacteristically pre-holiday 5 minutes and 30 seconds in only hit a three-pointers, poor performance was also opponents reduce the score to 6 points. Johnson and Thomas Little Green Army's goal to help stabilize the situation, but soon set off a second wave of offensive magic, and Gordon Fournier successive layup, hit a high shot Oladipo, 4 points for the remaining points difference they see hope. Bradley hit a critical moment hook to stabilize the situation, then he teamed small Thomas then re-opened the score 4 points lead. Eventually, the Magic beat the Celtics 107-96 win victory.

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