Warriors away to Wolves today, they generally state the entire field is not dominant, but the last time Green succeeded twice in the basket to help the Warriors get a slight advantage and a lead. Eventually, the warriors away from home to 109-104 win over the Timberwolves won the victory.

Minnesota data: Andrew - Wiggins 25 points, five rebounds and four assists, Carl - Anthony - Downs 24 points and 11 rebounds, Ricky - Rubio 20 points and 11 assists, four rebounds and four steals, Zach - pull Wen 19 points and 4 assists.

Data Warriors: Stephen - Curry 19 points and 11 assists, seven rebounds and three steals, Bradley Richmond - Green 24 points, nine rebounds and six assists and three steals, Klein - Thompson 17 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists, Harrison - Barnes 6 points and 7 rebounds.

Rubio took the lead three-point line Neiyi Bu hit a shot, the Warriors rely on McAdoo's layup to break the deadlock. Superior strength of the Warriors hit back early into the state, Thompson hit three outside, Green sent straight assists to help his teammates dunk and help the team lead. Timberwolves here soon get back the state, Rubio and Downs hit two three-pointers warriors surprise. After a pause and return Timberwolves Warriors playing the exchange, Curry had just hit a nice three points, the Timberwolves here Wiggins immediately answered with a third. Instead, the last paragraph of Minnesota occupied scene initiative, excellent condition again in the third of Rubio, the Timberwolves once go-ahead score. The first section of Harding Park, the Warriors lead the Timberwolves to 29-27 two minutes into the second section.

Second section back, the two sides still locked in the offensive, the Timberwolves here Wiggins successive foul and free throws, Downs is to show excellent feel sudden foreign investment in Glenealy four points, although warriors here Rush hit the third, but the scene is not dominant. Warriors stalemate still under way to find good, Rubio even sent assists to help his teammates to grab points. Warriors hit back last paragraph finally stood up, Thompson hit three outside, Curry reached the basket layup, relying on the Green last-minute goal at the buzzer, the Warriors lead to 61-58 three minutes into the second half.

Easy side battles, the Warriors still slow start in the game only 1 minute and seven seconds past the Warriors then called timeout. Pause Return Barnes will hit a record one-third, but the tenacious opponent's defense disregard Minnesota, Wiggins and Lavin continuous layup, Minnesota against the late placing again go-ahead score. Thompson critical moment and Curry combined for 3 three-pointers to regain the lead. But the situation is clearly not as good as the Warriors mind, Minnesota sharp offensive always penetrated their defense, especially Rubio, his first outside hit the third, then hit a shot Downs assists, leading the Timberwolves occasion to play offensive and widened to 8 Minute. Fortunately, the last paragraph of the Green Warriors of excellent play to reverse the situation, with the Green layup, the two sides battle into a 89-89 tie into the fourth.

A tie game so that both sides are afraid to start the effect, the strength of the defensive end has come for both sides to score very difficult to rely on Shabazz Minnesota scored the first goal, the Warriors with Clark's layup to break the deadlock. Timberwolves and Rubio had to rely Downs goal was to maintain a 4 point advantage, but the Warriors here Varejao scored 3 points quickly catching up the score. Stalemate the two sides still locked in play, the Warriors key ball ability is very good, after Green screens soon get open looks, Curry sent precise assists to help the vacancy Green layup, followed by Curry grabbed fatal rebounds, the bottom line serve Livingston Green layup and then assists in holding a 4 point advantage the Warriors lead. The key shots to help the Timberwolves Rubio biting score, but Wiggins followed tough fadeaway shot missed the chance to equalize. Last minute Wiggins was caused by foul-third see hope Curry, but three free throws in a defeat could not save. Eventually, the warriors away from home to 109-104 win over the Timberwolves won the victory.

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