Telegraph" news, Real Madrid interested and Gareth - Bell contract, and if the contract is completed, Bell weekly earnings are expected to reach 30 million pounds. Bell played in Real Madrid 4-0 win over Sevilla on Sunday's game scored, surpassing the record held by Gary Lineker, by virtue of his La Liga 76 games, he scored 43 goals to become the most goals in the league of the UK people.

2013 Real Madrid spent 85 million pounds from Tottenham purchased Bell, Bell was Real Madrid and signed a six-year contract, the contract is now Bell now has three years to maturity, although the Welshman has been plagued by injury soleus muscle, but the Spanish giants hope that Bell be extended two-year contract. Real Madrid has not yet and Bell team began contract negotiations, but the "Telegraph" said the Real Madrid superstar intent for Wales to raise 300,000 pounds weekly.

Bell has been a Premiership giants compete for each object, Paris St Germain and Bayern Munich also want the 26-year-old star, but certainly not this summer, Real Madrid put Bell to leave the Bernabeu, they also want to use a raise way to keep Bell . Because of the threat of the transfer ban, Real Madrid do not want to lose Bell, Isco, J Luo, C Luo in any one of this summer.

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2016/3/22 17:40:17