Carolina Panthers general manager Dave - Gaite Man (Dave Gettleman) has said he will not pick up and cultivate a talent but finally let him join the other team.

This philosophy explains why he chose to cornerback Josh - Norman (Josh Norman) marked the franchise player tag. Now he put the same philosophy in 2013 with a first-round pick Batista - Luotulelei (Star Lotulelei) body.

Gaite Man said on Tuesday that the team will perform the defensive tackles in the first draft five-year contract, let him stay in the team for the next two seasons.

Luotulelei fourteenth overall in the first round to be selected. In the draft after being selected 10th overall player in its first five-year contract option value of the position from the third-highest paid player in the twenty-fifth high average salary - in the top ten overall pick in the first five players It is the average salary of the ten highest-paid position player's contract value.

In the three years between the effectiveness of the Panthers, Luotulelei is an excellent anti-run players. Kavan and star players - Schott (Kawann Short) partner let Panthers have one of the best defensive striker combination medial Union, which gives linebacker Luke - Jike Li (Luke Kuechly) and Thomas - Davies (Thomas Davis) great help. The defense striker combination proved Gaite Man in 2013 consecutive rounds selected defensive tackle eyes.

Gaite Man needs 11 months after treatment Short's contract, so to stay Luotulelei year was a simple choice.

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2016/3/23 17:09:55