As Rodríguez and Benzema formal return to the team, Benitez for the first time in the case of the first team summoned no injuries this season. Rodríguez return after the national team since participated in joint training team, Benzema despite still recovering from injury, but also can participate in the team's fight, plus reserve Eudes high and Llorente Real Madrid this weekend, 25 people for Benitez disposal.

Judging from today's training, after the team's closed training, the players and their situation for their own recovery. Navas's return to Real Madrid fans a reassuring, then the defense can participate Ramos also determine the national derby, so the defense team may be within Ramos, Guevara, Carbajal and Marcelo . Benitez may make adjustments in the midfield rankings lineup, in the case of Casemiro, Modric and Cross position can not shake, Isco and J Lo is not clear who will be the first, they Bell and Ronaldo are likely to become a partner in the attack line. As Benzema, he will enter the big list, but the possibility of starting small.

2015/11/20 1:38:25