According to news reporters Carolina Panthers coach Luo - Rivera (Ron Rivera) in last February's Super Bowl week the strict implementation of the team's curfew.

In a recent review it when Rivera said that next year he will put some of the loose, "the fact is that they think it's a bit too strict, and in my opinion this does give them some relaxing, so that they do not have too much pressure. "

It is reported that two nights before the Denver Broncos Super Bowl week and there is no ban requirements. This reporter has learned that the curfew include prohibiting team party in San Francisco.

Now it seems that the players have not been fully entertainment lead their team atmosphere is not easy. But the team's fullback Mike - Tuerbote (Mike Tolbert) stand up for the coach to speak: "We're a great team, no one no one left frustrated, no alcohol, no women, only our own, we are together play cards, laugh, play video games, enjoy my life and enjoy the Super Bowl. "

Rivera apparently not too blame his decision, at least he got the best coach of last year, after 12 years to make the team again in the Super Bowl.

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2016/3/28 17:07:46