Tennessee Titans made it clear that they are willing to trade this year's draft lottery.

But they can find willing to pay to get the first pick of the transaction object is unknown.

At a distance of more than three weeks the draft will begin in time, it is reported that such a deal is entirely possible. "Top pick, the Titans will have the opportunity to complete the transaction. Titan has gained a lot of interest for the lottery. Titan was trading or retain the lottery may have 50%."

Any team want to trade are likely to be the top pick in hand to grab the second sign, the urgent need for the former Cleveland Browns quarterback picked quarterback. Titan does not need to pick a quarterback in this draft.

If the Titans choose to stay top pick, they might choose to former University of Mississippi offensive tackles La Leimi - Tangxi Er (Laremy Tunsil) or Florida State University defensive Houweigulun - Ramsey (Jalen Ramsey).

If they trade down almost nothing may be able to pick one of the two men, but they will not back down too far so that the range can be selected elite seedling quit, as long as they do not trade down to 10th overall after the bit is also good players to choose.

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2016/4/5 17:02:26