Maybe Mark - Sanchez will not be the Denver Broncos starting quarterback next season, but he was sure he did the leader's style.

Like his New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles did, Sanchez recently invited to attend his Broncos teammates in California held the ball training camp roster wide receiver, tight end, running back, as well as other quarterback invited.

Mustang external Shouben Thani - Fuller told reporters: "This is all that he hoped to come to this team, I think we understand that he is very good, it can also be very helpful for us to compete starter.."

It is reported that the camp from Monday until Wednesday, there will be tactical courses, running route analysis, as well as passing lanes resolution, the participants will not have Eagles players.

Currently Broncos still seeking their starting quarterback, Sanchez apparently also want to be starting.

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2016/4/5 17:12:57