JJ Watt is now only 26 years old, but he is already planning his retirement life.

The Houston Texans star defensive player in a recent radio interview, when he told reporters after retirement will be what kind of work, he replied: "I think I'll go do school football coach or a high school gym teacher. no matter what I do I just want to play my role. and now what I want to do, as do the coach that I've ever wanted to do. "

But Watts said that if Hollywood invite him, he will change his mind, he said:. "Maybe my life would change because of the movie, but for now I would choose to engage in the high school coach's job as a coach because I can affecting children, to help them grow and teaching them important things. "

The current primary objective is to help Texans Watt got the Super Bowl, as for the future, I believe it is not too difficult for Watts.

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2016/4/5 17:16:04