4 years European Cup final win over Spain, Italy became the first team to successfully defend the European Cup team, so this duel is to stir outside Italian revenge. Before the two rounds of group matches, Italy and Spain were winning streak, but the Azzurri ahead of locking the group, but lost to Spain riding accident Croatia eventually fell into the bottom half of death, this is also giants duel forced staged in advance.

First aspect, Italy basic continuation of the group stage of the strongest line-up, the only change is to replace the injured Florencio Qi Candreva first issue of the war; the Spanish side is complete lineup, behind top scorer in Morata continue Nuoli Tuo partner up front. Beginning of the game the stadium will dump rain showers, the game was forced into a wet race.

The first five minutes, the frontier closed area in Spain, Italy fuss, Giaccherini left to push the ball cross the middle, Eder in the penalty area Tongshe pg siege. 8 minutes, Italy before the games kick left, Florencio Qi moon scimitar ball into the penalty area, beat Pellet Busques shakes Leipzig, Degea flying Dan Zhang ball at the goal line saved.

The first 10 minutes, Florencio Qi right from golf to the last point, Pellet first to a ball at the top to the middle, turn around and take advantage of the area within Giaccherini hit a wonderful Daoguajingou, Degea again gate line closed out the ball fell to the ground, the ball hit the post pop-up. However, when Giaccherini misses referee it already gave the foul earlier.

The first 21 minutes, Iniesta from outside the area had the ball suddenly choose the ball crossing the ball into the box, and when Ramos Chiellini fighting position was brought down to the ground, but the referee did not have any representation.

The first 23 minutes, Desi Leo in defense because Dongzuoguotai eat first yellow card of the game. The first 24 minutes, Desi Leo left the ball suddenly from the right foot crossing the ball into the box, before Paluo Luo full speed to beat Alba header hoisting into the restricted area after the ball just wide of the post.

The first 28 minutes, Italy play fast counter, closed front ball Eder timely assigned to the left, the left transverse pushing Road Desi Leo unattended, when the ball accidentally kicked Ramos siege outside the instep, the ball almost scored an own goal.

The first 31 minutes, the frontier closed area reckless Ramos tipped Pellet, Italy the opportunity to obtain a direct free kick at the top of the key. Edel bow and arrow instep vigorously pumping the ball to the goal, Degea flapping occurs sell, Giaccherini must attack the ball up a poke, Chiellini grab the ball in front of the body Pique Tuishe network . 1-0! Italy lead.

Spain then strengthen the attack, but the Italian defensive back was more threatening. The first 44 minutes, Giaccherini continuous right foot shot left the restricted area after a superb cut curve ball, the ball dart right corner, Degea flying Dan Zhang ball asked the beam again. Then the game into the intermission.

Easy side battles the second half, the first half of the Spanish initiative to change extremely passive, Aduriz debut, replacing mediocrity Nuoli Tuo. The first 48 minutes, Spain out tactical corner, Fabregas left the restricted area arc the ball, defender Leo Morata pushed Desi place shakes Leipzig ball over the top of the income being Buffon arms .

Italy then make personnel adjustments, replaced Motta debut De Rossi. The first 54 minutes, Italy played exquisite foot pass, Pellet Road clever back heel a smooth body, Eder drive straight forward runs had the ball reached the restricted area in Spain, but in the end the right foot shot was again blocked attack Degea thigh out.

The first 61 minutes, Italy counterattack recycling Murder, Edel restricted area before the ball fast ball to the left wing, long-range strike from the transverse pushing Desi Leo Road, Degea ball from the crotch attack missed, but Pique make critical siege to defuse the crisis. The first 69 minutes, Spain played the brand of exquisite small area with a small law left the ball cross Road, Iniesta closed front clever a leak, Aduriz left foot towards the ball homeopathic Tui far corner, the ball rub the distal end of the flying column.

The first 70 minutes, Spain out of the right corner, the rear plug relentless style header Ramos penalty area, the ball slightly over the bar. Subsequently Basque Adams Substitution of Morata.

The first 73 minutes, Vazquez inner face of the restricted area offside position Buffon right foot lob hit the post.

The first 76 minutes, Iniesta croquette frontier closed area after the extraordinary forward pass, Barzagli struggling to shovel the ball out of pique towards the ball blasts Buffon denied.

The first 81 minutes, coming off the bench because of injury Aduriz and Pedro is replacing. Yin Xinie same venue replaced the exhaustion of Edel. The first 84 minutes, long-range Yin Xinie back in a re-test De Gea, who saved the ball with excellent stations.

The first 89 minutes, before Degea ball Bigfoot open to the Italian penalty area, Ramos header after the rub, in front of the center of the box is close Pique Buffon brave saved.

Injury time, Italy has organized a counterattack, Damian right pass, Ramos before the point of the ball room to move a block, the ball came to a small closed road, Pellet front side of the hook right foot hit the door and then the next City, 2-0! Italian victory in hand.

Final referee whistle ended the match, Italy successful promotion.

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2016/6/28 17:13:35