Polish team in the 1/8 final penalty shoot-out by the Swiss historic break into the European Cup Top 8, for the Poles, followed every step forward will be making history; Portugal 16 against Croatia Although there is no war to victory by a penalty, but 120 minutes of fierce battle, and the final moments of lore Quaresma is also hard to come by. If you win the game, the two consecutive European Cup Portugal reached the Top 4. Not only game hook people hearts, two world-class striker Lewandowski and Cristiano duel also pocketed the eye.

First aspect, Lewandowski Poland still led by the play. It is worth mentioning that Super Jiujiang Maqinsiji starting debut in this important campaign. Portugal side, 97-year teenager Sangxie Si starting debut, he also became the youngest ever European Cup starters. Cristiano and Nani then partner up front. Before the court for a simple moment of silence for the victims of the bombing in Turkey expressed grief.

Start just two minutes, Pishi Cech field on the right 40 meters outside the large-scale shift to the left, when Soares roof fall accidentally headed the rescue, Grosicki sends the ball in the restricted line left wing cross, Lewandowski in the penalty grab back against William - former Carvalho body directly Tui right foot, the ball crashed network, 1-0! Poland blitz succeeded!

9 minutes, Sang Xiesi moving the ball wide left to find the exact right wing Soares, the latter to send a cross in, but Cristiano and Nani successive feet burst shot in the restricted area are back suicide denied. The first 14 minutes, Mi Like the ball in the middle to move forward when she tries to kick long-range left foot, but some haste, the ball wide of goal.

The first 16 minutes, Kuba right break after a successful cross Road, Lewandowski cleverly restricted area before the left foot on a collar homeopathic Maguo grabbed Pepe anxious, but then the right foot low shot Patricio stable hold steady. The first 22 minutes, after Poland Portugal restricted area before the shot successfully Fanqiang mercury spilled in attack, when Mi Like clever ball first a leak, Lewandowski turn around and knock Road, in the restricted area arc forward runs Jedrzejczyk homeopathic push the ball to the left Road, Grosicki in the case of unattended selfless choice transverse pushing the middle, but the ball Pepe struggling with ease.

The first 28 minutes, Nani cut in the penalty area when the ball left suddenly stabbed pass Road, Glick grab before the ball did not get too much, Cristiano Middle bow miss the ball from the right foot low shot, but the ball hit the too easily it is confiscated Fabianski.

The first 30 minutes, Cristiano Qiangdian in the penalty area go hand in hand Pa Zidan was pushed to the ground, but the referee does not have any representation, which also caused Cristiano dissatisfaction.

The first 33 minutes, Nani restricted the right heel the ball back to do clever, Sangxie Si Closed Road left a collar, after a slight adjustment kicker right foot volley the ball in time Feichan come Maqin Si front base body, such as shell-like flying, playing in Kerry Jovi Senanayake who refracted fly net nest, Fabianski made dived, but the angle was too cunning to the ball straight into the goal near corner. 1-1! Portugal equalizer.

41 minutes, Jedrzejczyk when the ball Fanqiang Dongzuoguoda eat first yellow card of the game, he will also miss the next round of the competition. Then the two sides no achievements, the game into the intermission.

Easy side battles the second half, the first 48 minutes, Pishi Cech right wing, sent a cross in, Lewandowski in diving header Soares interference is not on top of power.

The first 50 minutes, Nani lob left crossing the ball into the box, Fabianski "Eagle songbirds take" off the ball in Cristiano head. The first 55 minutes, Nani left sent clever ball found behind Cristiano, who left foot shot into the restricted area after the ball forward runs hit the side net.

63 minutes, Cristiano Road to attract defense suddenly cross the ball knock on the right, follow Soares burst right foot shot, the ball struck the column to fly the bottom line.

The first 65 minutes, due to fierce Gehrig tipped Cristiano booked. 68 minutes, turn around and do Grosicki restricted area to knock the ball on the left wall, Jedrzejczyk crosses in front of Mi Like Dianshe is Patricio sealed.

The first 74 minutes, Moutinho debut replaced the A- Silva. The first 78 minutes, the Portuguese out of the right corner, the ball near the characteristic abundance header did not pose a threat. Then Quaresma Substitution Joao - Mario strengthen the offensive. The first 80 minutes, strode kill Pepe midfield steals to the restricted area, after a brief observation toe poke Looking Cristiano front of, yeah Jedrzejczyk struggling a shovel to shovel the ball to the corner, the ball touching the left column flying, almost causing Oolong.

The first 86 minutes, Moutinho accurate over the top with a cross found Cristiano, but the latter turned to his left foot volley fire after the missed ball. Then Kapustka and William - Carvalho were booked due to a foul. Referee whistle ended the final 90 minutes of the game, the two sides into overtime.

Overtime battles, William - Danilo Carvalho was - replaced Pereira, Portugal exhausted all substitutions. Yuetuoweiqi the debut replacing Maqinsiji. The first 97 minutes, Soares curve ball into the box on the right, Nani header back Mochizuki not on top of power. The first 100 minutes, Mi Like left foot restricted area arc top left corner pocket shot, the ball slightly over the bar.

109 minutes of extra time, suddenly fans into the stadium trying to close Cristiano, but security personnel quickly dispatched their planes out of the stadium, the game forced a brief interruption. The first 114 minutes, Kapustka bottom left the restricted area pass in the sliding doors.

Overtime parties no longer to rewrite the score, the game into the cruel penalty shootout.

Shootout the first round, Cristiano first appearances fool Fabianski easy volley to break. Lewandowski also dead Tui succeeded. The second round, the top left corner Sangxie Si burst shooting succeeded, Mi Like the low shot hit the lower left corner. The third round, while Moutinho and Gehrig low shot deceived goalkeeper succeed.

Fourth round, Nani Qiaoshe easily fool Fabianski, Kuba shot Patricio were flying saved.

The fifth round, Quaresma penalty will eventually be the final word Portugal into the semi-finals.

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