According to Spanish media reports, Real Madrid winger Bell said he was ready for the national derby, said his in-form.

Bell injury absence of nearly six weeks of the race, but he could comeback in the national derby. He said: "I have hurt six weeks, there is no chance to play too many games, but now I-form, feeling good, ready to participate in the competition, Real Madrid and Barcelona is Spain's biggest teams, over the years the hostile atmosphere. very strong, it also gives the game adds extra pressure, we have been for the league title, the Champions League and other title fight. "

"We are still in good condition, only lost one game, but there is room for improvement. I hope that as the season progresses, we can improve performance to win the league and we will follow their own style of play the game, I believe it is a scoring battle, who scored more than just win. I want them to score a few goals, so Real Madrid will win. "

When asked about his role, Bell said: "My speed and power to make the other guard fear, which is a positive factor for me, I always go all out to help the team win is the goal of my favorite king. Barcelona Cup into that ball, it will leave a lasting memory in my heart.

2015/11/20 1:46:17