European Cup quarter-finals in the top half of the second game started Mauroy Stadium, Wales beat Belgium 3-1 to qualify. Half-wave Nayingelan wonderful world opened the scoring, followed by Williams headed home the equalizer. Kanu go-ahead score in the second half, Vokes headed home to seal the victory, Ramsey sent two assists, the semi-finals due to accumulated yellow card suspension. Wales finally the cut, they will lead to C Ronaldo Portugal for a place in European Cup finals in France.

The game will be considered double red, two state of the team is indeed booming. Red Dragon of Wales beat England won the group stage only the first name of the cut, and 16 battle Lectra Northern Ireland into eight. Red Devils Belgium already made three consecutive victories, 1/8 finals 4-0 win over Hungary is cut. It is worth mentioning that the qualifying stage of the tournament, the two teams were in the same group, the Welsh wins and 1 unbeaten.

First aspect, Wales neat lineup, Bell still doing my lead play. Belgium aspect, since Phil Tong Heng injured Loukakou first brothers to be played side by side, and Weiermalun suspension is given the opportunity of starting Dana Hyères. Start the game in the rain, the first four minutes, Ledley midfield passing errors occur within Debu Lao steals ready to move to launch an attack, this - Davis fouls it down, the referee yellow card to its caveat.

6 minutes, Belgium play fast counter-attack, the ball left inside Debu Lao, R- Loukakou within the restricted area pass the ball back after a brief observation point, Carrasco volley at unguarded by Henny West closed out the attack, Moni Ye follow up call has been left back Taylor siege line at the door, towards the ball near the penalty Azar third batter was helpless Fengdang again.

9 minutes, Bell left along by the wind chasing power after a successful overtaking Moni Ye reached the restricted area, but then left foot shot hit the side net. 12 minutes, Azar left rib cross the ball knock Road, Nayingelan minor adjustments sudden thunder from the ground, 30 meters away from the door right foot instep blasted a superb world wave the ball as shells collide like the top left corner straight into the goal, 0-1! Belgium took the lead in the tournament Nayingelan has devoted 2 remember the wonderful world of waves.

They are to eat with Houqiesite yellow card in the defense with Gaunt, less than 25 minutes the first half, the Welsh defense has three stained yellow. The first 25 minutes, Bell cleverly behind the right wing and sent the ball forward runs Ramsay sent the ball under the bottom inverted triangle pass, Taylor penalty area and follow-up Tuishe Courtois fell to the ground line at the door seal out.

The first 30 minutes, Ramsey out of the right corner, J- Loukakou roof collapse before the point, lower left corner of Williams the ball into the goal in the case of the middle unattended, although within Debu Lao waited at the next column but the ball is too fast intolerable unstoppable. 1-1! Wales equalizer.

The first 32 minutes, at the end of the right Carrasco sent after pass, the ball sliding doors. The first 33 minutes, Bell had the ball near the center circle strode into the box, low shot was kick Courtois steadily confiscated. The first 41 minutes, Ramsey's long-range hit J- Loukakou refracted fly ball touching the right side of the goal post.

The first 42 minutes, Williams once again win a header in the corner, but unfortunately the top high ball. Then the two sides no longer gains the game into the intermission.

Easy side battles the second half, Belgium took the lead to make personnel adjustments, replaced Fellaini debut Carrasco. The first 47 minutes, Fellaini stabbed pass on the right, Moni Ye right foot curve ball into the box, shakes Leipzig front R- Loukakou unguarded under just wide.

The first 54 minutes, Bell accurate long pass found the right penalty area Ramsey, after removing the latter clever ball to the baseline projection sent inverted triangle return, Kanu inside the restricted area after the body back against the dyke site Moni Ye, the in an instant return suddenly pretending lightweight rebates go past the defense and Moni Ye Fellaini, left foot towards the ball near the penalty calm Tuishe. 2-1! Kanu wonderful break to help Wales ahead score.

The first 60 minutes, Ramsey opening left corner, Courtois attack the ball hit the body of Williams, the latter towards the ball Tongshe Puzhu Courtois alert.

63 minutes, Debu Lao within 25 meters of the right foot free kick over being played Hennessey trouble catching that.

The first 73 minutes, right-sided Moni Ye moon scimitar ball into the box, Fellaini small closed line header beat Chester rub flying column.

The first 74 minutes, Ramsey handball booked for a foul, he will also be suspended for one game due to accumulated yellow cards. Then J- Loukakou Mo Tengsi be replaced, Belgium faces Last Stand. The first 75 minutes, right-sided Moni Ye plagioclase transmitted into the box, nodding the ball after Witsel top to the middle, struggling Fellaini front legs but failed to hit the ball. The first 78 minutes, when R- Loukakou breakthrough was turned in the penalty area Chester down to the ground, but the referee did not have any representation.

The first 82 minutes, Fellaini inside the restricted area to do a clever heel, the ball was when Nayingelan follow Williams stumbled to the ground, the referee still did not table any indication. The first 85 minutes, right wing, sent Gunter accurate cross, before the point of the ball skipped Dana Hyères, coming off the bench to grab Vaux Alderweireld before leaping body shakes Leipzig succeed. 3-1! Wales almost one foot ahead of the semi-finals.

Belgium finally powerless, the referee whistle ended the match. Welsh historic advance to the semifinals.

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