European Cup quarter-finals, semi-finals Wales 3-1 victory over Belgium, as the first team in the European Cup, Wales and Iceland still continue to write their own miracle.

24 participating teams, only Wales and Iceland are the only two of the two teams, every game goal.

Although the European Cup qualifier in Wales has a good performance, but not to be optimistic, because most people think that most of the goals are relying Wales Bell's excellent play, while his team-mate can not afford the level varies with the Premiership giants effectiveness, but also the team working hard in the British crown, compared to other Yankees who constitute, as a lot of color weakness.

Group match three games, and indeed is to verify the view, Bell scored three goals in three games, tied for top scorer with Morata, Wales can win the group is the number one hero, against England England derby despite losing the game, but outside the area 35 meters Bell free kick is still sensational knockout round, in Northern Ireland under prevent sticking, Bell did not get too many chances, but he produced an own goal to help Wales smooth cut quarterfinals. Quarter-finals, much higher than the face of the strength of their own, are more optimistic about the outside of Belgium, Bell state the whole game is not very good, the Belgian defender also made him the focus of the defense, but more flowering Wales, first captain , headed defender Williams score, then Robertson - staged grams St. classic extraordinary action within Kanu penalty area, gain another victory before the whistle, just been playing for the Wales striker Vokes headed home to help seal the victory, but also continuation of the Welsh goal every game in good condition, semi-final opponent is C Ronaldo led Portugal, the only regret is that Wales midfielder Ramsey accumulated yellow card suspension, missed the focus in this war.

Iceland can be described as the most magical of the current European Cup team, if there are Welsh players headed to the Bell team to keep up appearances, then, Iceland could not pay any decent players, Swansea midfielder West in Sigurdson is less some fans are familiar with the players, veteran Eidur Gudjohnsen, although earlier in the Premier League all-powerful, but now Get the lead out, no longer have the courage. Is such a team was able to phase out of the Dutch team in the qualifiers, if the qualifying phase-out of the Netherlands said to be a blockbuster, then it really is a knockout round defeat of England shocked the world football news.

Iceland, the current European Cup group stage opener 1-1 draw against powerful Portugal 1-1 Hungary Second World War, in the third group stage match with Austria, the tie to qualify for the Icelandic team is not satisfied with one-third qualifying the situation in the countdown before the whistle lore Austria, beat Portugal to win the group on the second integrator. Determined to win the first round of the playoffs to face the Three Lions, Iceland game missing a ball, just a few minutes later to Iceland will be equalized, and completed the go-ahead in the first half, although the second half of England to try to strengthen the attack, but Iceland defensive leak, 2-1 score has been maintained to the end.

England stunned the world, but also for the Icelandic team heartfelt thumbs-up, the national population of only 330,000 registered football players but more than 20,000 people over, holding UEFA coaching badges coach over 200 more people an average of 100 per football player can be assigned to a professional coach, even in a financial crisis swept across the European continent on the occasion, Iceland did not stop the construction of related facilities and football field, full of enthusiasm for football is fully involved, the current European Cup, a total of more than 30,000 fans came to cheer the French team after the game's unique "Virgin" type of celebration is to let the fans see the blood boil.

They will host ushered in the quarterfinals of the French team, regardless of the final result, Iceland has harvested recognized by fans, at least, they will field their own people 11 people proud, because they are in the field fighting each a minute, all belong to this country in the writing of the new record and history, legend not only belong to the winner, it also belongs to those who insist on clinging to the dream of the people.

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2016/7/2 17:43:10