European Cup quarter-finals last fight started at the Stade de France, France beat Iceland 5-2 semifinals. Giroux and Boge Ba in the first half in 10 minutes with two goals, Payette and Gelieziman have to expand the. Giroux scored twice in the second half to complete, Sigthorsson and B- Bjarnason each pull one back, eventually host the French team the cut, they will work with world champions Germany compete for a place in the final.

French team as the tournament host, but there were some stumbles along the way. 1/8 final, the French team will be plunged into the opening behind, but eventually reversed with Gelieziman of Push Ireland 8 in advance, but Lamy and Kantor double yellow suspension of host defense lay hidden. Only 33 million people in the Iceland team beat England seems to have become the biggest surprise of the tournament, today Virgin Haka can once again shocked the Stade de France is worth looking forward to.

First aspect, coming to join Barcelona Umm Titi first appeared in halfback position, Moussa - Sissoko has become another starter Jones. Iceland discharge side is a war with England to do the same lineup, the core of the West in Sigurdson frontcourt led play. In the race the rain began, the first two minutes, the West turned the ball back body buckle Matuyidi kicker low shot near corner of the goal, but the ball is not marked strength Lori Sigurdson steadily confiscated within the restricted area.

The first 5 minutes, Sissoko, Giroux and three in front of Iceland Payette made continuous wall with the restricted area, in the center of the box to complete the final Payette closed top, right foot instep volley but did not cause the same threats.

9 minutes, before leaping to rub Sigthorsson restricted to the area after a long ball teammate, forward runs B- Road Bjarnason foot shot the ball just wide of the goal. The first 12 minutes, after the ball field when she left Matuyidi sent a long pass over the top straight line, the ball went through the entire defense Iceland left the restricted area after Giroux homeopathic face up waiting at the near corner of Halldor pine direct from the left foot volley, the ball went straight through the goal net from Haerduosong crotch, 1-0! France lead.

The first 17 minutes, right-sided moon scimitar Gudmundur loose ball into the box, Bodvarsson leaping beat Koscielny's header did not pose a threat.

The first 19 minutes, Gelieziman out on the right corner, with the ball inside the penalty area flew rotation, Boge Ba ambush in a small closed line Nukiyama carry the full pressure Bodvarsson header hoisting Leipzig ball over the standing column Saiwaersong former head fiercely fly it right corner. 2-0! French team made the perfect start.

The first 24 minutes, Iceland, get on the right front of the foul ball, Gong Nasong a hand grenade into the box, before Sigthorsson after nodding the ball rub, before inserting the middle of the left foot volley from flying Bodvarsson ejection, the ball slightly over the bar.

37 minutes into the restricted area left little Payette observed after rubbing the ball pass front of area, Matuyidi follow-up outside the instep volley fly straight to the corner flag area.

The first 42 minutes, Sarnia lob into the box from the right, Giroux leaping headed back to do, continue Gelieziman frontier closed area had the ball cross the ball knock, Payette brought his right foot after the ball left under homeopathic foot kick explosion shot ripped through the Haerduosong guarded the door. 3-0! Payette scored 3 goals individual tournament.

44 minutes, Bo Geba distance sent forward pass after the field, Giroux pretending to catch a sudden leak clever, quick plug Gelieziman destroy Huanglong, the face of attack Haerduosong, select Gelieziman lightweight left foot lob, the ball draw beautiful arc fly to score the net. 4-0! Lattice scorer with 4 goals to dominate, the game has lost its suspense.

Then the referee blew the final whistle half.

Easy side battles the second half, Iceland even for two people, and Yinge Song Fenboesong go into battle for the glory of war. 49 minutes, Bo Geba cross struck the restricted area, the ball was Gerry Postman R- West in Sigurdson tackles destroyed when a breakthrough, Payette follow-up hit the door put anti-aircraft guns.

The first 55 minutes, right-sided cross struck the restricted area Gongna Song ribs, West Sigurdson the ball in the right foot curve ball into the box to bypass Matuyidi, Sigthorsson Road, follow to grab in front of Umm Titi body Chan broke his right foot succeed. 4-1! Iceland team pulled one back.

The first 58 minutes, France to get away from the free kick 40 meters outside the door, Payette right foot curve ball high into the box, do not avoid the ax head Giroux beat Yinge Song headed hoisting break. 5-1! Giroux scored twice staged the play of the game, with Houji Lu was replaced Gignac fans in the audience cheering.

The first 62 minutes, Gudmundur loose the right corner into the box, close the door Yinge Song header was quick to respond Lori line at the door flying prop.

The first 69 minutes, Sissoko strode Road came to the restricted area arc the ball to the left, Payet got the ball straight out of play after the door was Haerduosong saved the bottom line. The first 71 minutes, Mangala played the first show to get the opportunity, Koscielny was replaced rest. 82 minutes, 38-year-old debut in the Icelandic legend Gudjohnsen replaced Sigthorsson.

83 minutes, A- Sikulasong left foot curve ball into the box, B- Bjarnason leaps shakes Leipzig in unattended situation, in front of Patrice Evra blocked Lori vision, the latter fighting less, the ball straight to score lower left corner of the door. 5-2! Tenacious Icelanders and then pull a ball.

With a victory over the French team eventually head into the semi-finals, he will be the next world champion German team compete for a final places, and tenacious Iceland Ensemble also respected the world.

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