According to the "Aspen" reported that the Portuguese striker Andre - Gomez recently participate in team training before attending a press conference at the press conference the Valencia midfielder also talked about Barcelona and Manchester United interested in him messages.

Gomez said:. "These media reporters may now better than I know my own life situation now is not really talking about my career, when, soon kicked semi-finals, this is not the place to talk about these things . "
For Valencia interested in his international team-mate Nani, Gomez said: "Nani on the things I have nothing to say, because the two of us do not talk about the matter if he can come to Valencia, then. certainly he will be the team's warm welcome. "

Gomez at the press conference admitted that he indeed was the impact of injuries, but he did not intend to miss showdown with Wales national team in this field. He admitted to the media and said:. "I really physically there is some problem, but to be honest I'm feeling much better, I believe they are ready to play the next game I hope I can get the opportunity to play, and now there are two days, in order to best meet the competition, I'm also trying to train. I'm feeling a lot better, my left thigh a little uncomfortable, but the injuries were not serious enough to worry about particular point. in order to catch the game the effectiveness of the country, I'll take advantage of this a few days expedited recovery. 

2016/7/5 17:14:05