Before the French marshal Guy - Lu questioned the Portuguese midfielder Sangxie Si Age, which Portugal coach Santos strong response.

Recently Guy - Lu in a TV show, said: "Sangxie Si said he was 18 years old this figure it is wrong his date of birth is only a few years after his birth registration and the date of registration is not accurate. I think he had 23 or 24 years old "in Zerrougui - before Lu there are others questioned Sang Xiesi age.

For Sangxie Si Age fraud questioned, Portugal coach Santos strong response: "He was not an unknown place of birth, he was born in Portugal, like me, he was born 18 years ago, like I'm 61. born years ago. this is no doubt. "

Santos also said he was not concerned about this topic, "I want to get into the finals, this is the most important." Wednesday night will usher in the semi-finals Portugal and Wales.

In addition, according to German media Sport1 message before Sang Xiesi October 2015 Portugal over their first show, the media have questioned Sang Xiesi age. Benfica was also to Sangxie Si was examined bones and teeth, test results show Sangxie Si really still minors.

About Sangxie Si Age was born five years after registration. Sport1 showing facts should be, because Sangxie Si family's sake, he was formally registered in their five years old, but the time of registration as a five year old child.

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2016/7/6 17:32:56