Before the beginning of the national derby, Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" in Barcelona fans conducted a survey: Do you want Messi debut in the national derby?

A total of 3,599 fans voted, concrete results: 79% (2837) of the fans do not want Messi starts, 21 percent (762) chose Yes.

Apparently most of the Barcelona fans do not want to take risks Messi, they are more inclined to let Messi off the bench, if Enrique's team play is not ideal, let Messi stand up to save the team.

And 21 percent of fans believe that Messi is ready, Messi injured in the September 26 and Las Palmas in the game, when the diagnosis is the lack of war 7-8 weeks, but now the eighth week a.

Starting the final decision whether or not I was in Macy's and Barcelona medical team.

2015/11/20 1:47:29