Beijing time on July 6, the Argentine Football Association officially announced the resignation of coach Martino, Martino in August 2014 Argentina coach has led the Argentine national team participated in two America's Cup.

This is the statement of the Argentine Football Association's official website:

"National team coach has decided to submit his resignation today.

Since the Argentine Football Association has been unable to confirm the appointment of the new leadership, as well as for the upcoming Olympic Games to prepare for the two sides can not reach an agreement, the national team coaching staff has announced his resignation. "

Argentine media first disclosed the news, and then Argentina is also the first time released the official announcement.

Local media "Ole" that Martino's resignation and confusion Argentine Football Association have a great relationship, in addition to the wages owed coaching staff, for the imminent Olympic Games in Brazil, Argentina Olympic team, there have been great questions from the Olympics opening only the last 30 days, the Argentine Football association can not even submit the Olympic team participating player squad, the Football association and five leagues in Europe, including their own club communication and coordination also cause adverse delay in determining the final list the big reason.

Major media in Argentina "Ole", Tyc and "clarion" sponsored "Hope who took over as head coach," the vote, far ahead of Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone, the fans hearts become head coach candidate.

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2016/7/6 17:47:00