European Cup semi-final opener in Lyon stadium started, 2-0 victory over Portugal in Wales qualify for the European Cup final. Bell was active in the first half created many threats, Cristiano is in the focus of the care of the performance slightly boring. Opening the second half, Cristiano will domineering header to break the deadlock, and then assists Nani broke. Portugal qualify for the final success, they will be in the final battle with France and Germany to fight the winner of this Delaunay Cup.

Current European cups so far, Portugal has never achieved lead within 90 minutes. Wherein the group stage harvest with 3 levels, while knockout respectively plus Croatia lore, the penalty shootout win over Poland. Although worried all the way from, but no one can despise this Cristiano led the team. Wales Lectra Belgium in the Top 8 battle, but Ramsey and present - Davis were dyed yellow in the game missed the game, described as disastrous. But in the face of this Battle of King Mountain, is the key to winning the fight.

First aspect, the most talked about "Star Wars" Cristiano between Bell and staged as scheduled, the two were led to play, but Pepe was absent because of injury, Bruce - Alves replace his position. Aspect Wales striker Kanu continue starting as a single arrow.

Opening the first 2 minutes, Joe - Allen midfield ball mistakes, after Cristiano steals the march all the way to kill the Welsh penalty area, Ashley - Williams struggling back on defense in the restricted area before he tried to bow Nock Cristiano uprooting the ground, but the referee did not have any representation. 6 minutes, Kanu series of exciting games to win the first to get rid of the extraordinary scene applause.

7 minutes, Joe - Allen kicked in the vicinity Fanqiang midfielder Nani is booked. 9 minutes, Cedric the right of the arc the ball good placement, but in the penalty area by Cristiano Collins firmly embraced can not jump. Then Joao - Mario put a ball in play, Cristiano made Daoguajingou trend, but in the case of the restricted area is not hit the ball got hit.

The first 15 minutes, Joao - Mario right ball after a sudden Drive of Church Road Wales rib straight kill, but then right foot hit the door wide distal end of the column.

The first 18 minutes, Wales tactical corner to open direct low ball near the penalty spot, Bell rear plug right foot towards the ball blasts the ball to Thunder trend toward the goal, but slightly higher. The first 20 minutes, Bell catch on the right after the meteor reached the bottom line sends a cross, Andy - Kim almost in the middle Qiangdian succeeded.

The first 22 minutes, Bell started pulling away from the field after the ball Danilo - Pereira after Chanqiang bolted to the box before 40 Mitu sudden Shi Leng Jian, but hit the door too Patricio is being firmly embraced.

The first 24 minutes, Kanu on the right had the ball outside the instep trip suddenly throw off defensive Guerrero crosses for Andy - Gold Road's header at the top in no interference.

The first 44 minutes, A- Silva left after extraordinary sent straight out of his right foot arc the ball, Cristiano in front of leaping header beat Chester slightly higher.

Then the referee whistle, the two sides into the intermission.

The second half Easy side battles, the first 49 minutes, the Portuguese left out tactical corner, Guerrero sent the ball right foot moon scimitar precise arc the ball, Cristiano Road leaping high in the restricted area, the iconic endurance 3 seconds to beat Chester Zhengding ball hit the net. 1-0! Cristiano Platini also tied the creation of the European Cup 9-ball personal record.

The first 52 minutes, Guerrero left the top of the pass was Chester, Cristiano at the closed top of the cut under his right foot to make a feint of continuous operation after the ball after the ball out of the way the angle suddenly dipped into the box, satisfied Nigeria right in the penalty area before the kick, the ball fell to the ground Chan She network, as Collins drag in the end, the ball does not offside. 2-0! Opening the second half less than 10 minutes, the Portuguese will be connected to the 2 ball lightning.

After 61 minutes, coming off the bench Walkers teammate long ball in the penalty area a chest stop, but continue on the way forward onrush is Bruno - Alves kick the ball damage. The first 62 minutes, Portugal opportunity to obtain free kick directly in front of about 30 meters, Cristiano bent their bow, knife scabbard, a record mark of his right foot leaves the ball touching the beam fly Chudi Xian.

The first 65 minutes, the ball cross-knock Road Sang Xiesi to plug Nani, the latter being the right foot instep volley Shitailichen Hengnei Xi appears sell net smash, but if Aung - Mario inside the penalty area follow-up tip just wide.

Then Wales within 10 minutes even for three people ready to Last Stand. The first 70 minutes, Fonte header inside the restricted area by Heng Neixi Qingshuyuanbi off the ball. 72 minutes, Cristiano in the defensive because Dongzuoguoda booked. 76 minutes, Bell left hook under his teammates cross, suddenly instep volley the ball into the net pumping, Patricio stations excellent ball sealed.

The first 77 minutes, Danilo - Pereira in the restricted area before the ball, the face of the Welsh defense suddenly messy, alone drove into the restricted area newcomer right foot volley, the ball almost Hengnei Xi flew into their own door, but quick to respond and then press and hold the ball off the line. The first 81 minutes, Bell on the right 30 meters away from the door suddenly burst from the right foot shot, the ball fell to the ground in front of Patricio closed out.

After 85 minutes, A- Gomez wing break sent successfully clever pass, restricted area before Cristiano chest unload the ball, after single-handedly broke the restricted area go past Hengnei Xi in the case of small angle after hitting the side-netting.

Wales finally powerless, Portugal successfully advance to the current European Cup final.

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2016/7/7 17:33:00