France 2016 European Cup semi-final 0-2 loss to Portugal horse Wales, has created history they failed to further the end of their first European Cup tour.

Recalling Wales in the current European Cup performance, the group stage 2-1 win over Slovakia, 3-0 win over Russia, the only losing a game, "England Derby '1-2 loss to England. Knockout round, the same face of Northern Ireland from the British Isles, relying on other defender Macaulay own goal, 1-0 Wales successfully reach the last eight. Quarter-finals, the Red Devils face a star-studded Europe Belgium, by virtue of Williams, Robson - Kanu and Vaux's goal, 3-1 reversal advance the semi-finals.

You know, this is just the first European Cup trip to Wales, the first time a team will participate in the European Cup semi-finals, also dates back to 1992, the Swedish team. It can be said that Wales is making history every further before the European Cup. Tonight, this horse had to stop their own pace of progress, after the game, the Welsh players face more just regret. However, Wales has not stopped fans inside cry, because they do not own the team missed the final and sad, because of the summer 2016 in France they are happy enough!

Perhaps, as in the previous interview, Bell said, "I do not care about my personal honor, we want to inspire the next generation is the whole of Wales." Spare no effort from the Welsh fans cry of view, this has brought Wales He gave his country more than enough incentive. This is the magic of football, Wales can head to leave, we will always remember, in 2016, it was lit Red Dragon Legion of the French summer.

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2016/7/7 17:42:52