The game, the French team aspect Deschamps continue to be used on a victory in Iceland squad, Canterbury did not start. Germany context Gomez and Khedira injury, Bastian Schweinsteiger back in time to wear the captain's armband, Emre - Zhan also was the first opportunity. Hummels accumulated yellow card suspension, Heweidesi replace his position. After opening the two sides quickly into the state, sits at home in the French first team stormed consecutive closing down the German team restricted immediate concern by high pressure. 7 minutes, left the restricted area Matuyidi inverted triangle return, Gelieziman lateral dribbling to the middle area after the sudden kick low shot, saved the ball fell to the ground Neuer.

Getting a firm footing in Germany began to organize attacks. The first 13 minutes, Emre - Zhan right side of the penalty area the ball cross, Muller promptly fell to the ground plug low shot, the ball just wide.

Subsequently, Draxler return inverted triangle rounded out the restricted area, restricted line Emre - Zhan Ying blasts the ball, the ball was Lori blocked.

Germany gradually take possession advantage. The first 21 minutes, Cross and his teammates made wall-type, when suddenly the ball into the box fell to the ground in the fight, the referee did not express. The first 25 minutes, the French team won the opportunity to locate the ball, free kick Payette kick around the wall and went straight to the goal corner, Neuer hold the ball fell to the ground in a timely manner. 27 minutes, Schweinsteiger left the restricted area frontier suddenly kicker shot, the ball was Lorito beam.

The first 33 minutes, the French team melee occurred within the restricted area, but Draxler and Muller failed to grasp the opportunity, the ball was defensive player of the siege.

The first 36 minutes, Gelieziman breakthrough was Emre - Zhanla down, the referee yellow card to the latter. With Houbogeba again direct free kick from the center, the ball fell to the ground Neuer confiscated.

The first 42 minutes, Patrice Evra pass in the left side of the box to find Gelieziman latter foot shot hit the side net. With Houji Lu received a long pass Umm Titi form single-handedly, but was back in time to recover the Heweidesi resolve.

The first 43 minutes, Patrice Evra fouls tipped Cross also booked. 46 minutes, Schweinsteiger inside the restricted area handball foul, Rizzoli whistled a penalty to his yellow card.

Gelieziman takes to fool the left Neuer hit the goal, 1-0!

French team in the first half last moment to rewrite the score. The first half ended, temporarily French team one goal lead.
During the break neither substitutions adjustments. Just opening the second half, shortly after Giroux received a Sissoko straight foot low shot was blocked Boateng.

Subsequently, there Gelieziman foot small-angle low shot Boateng also be blocked. The first 50 minutes, when Draxler Fanqiang behind the uprooting Sissoko booked. During this time the two sides in the fierce scraping the midfield. The first 59 minutes, Boateng injury occurs, can not persist after emergency treatment, Mustafi off the bench. The first 63 minutes, the French team won the corner kick opportunities, Koscielny header just over the bar.

The first 67 minutes, Loew again substitutions adjustment, replaced Goetze debut Emre - Zhan. The first 70 minutes, Cross free kick reached the last point, Mustafi's header offside. Deschamps then make the first substitution adjustments, Canterbury debut replaced Payette. 72 minutes, Bo Geba go past Mustafi biography, Neuer hit the ball in a collision near Giroux, timely plug Gelieziman foot Tui 2-0!

This is also Gelieziman tournament scored the sixth goal. The first 74 minutes, Draxler right pass, the frontier closed area Jimi Xi's long-range hit the crossbar pop.

With Hou Kante foul dyed yellow, Draxler direct free kick from the center, the ball touching the column wide.

The first 78 minutes, Gignac replaced Giroux debut, and was replaced Sane Schweinsteiger, Loew spent substitutions. The first 82 minutes, Cross positioning ball, Heweidesi strong header from the center, the ball just over the bar.

The first 86 minutes, France play fast counter, Gelieziman run the ball, kick the frontier closed area low shot was Neuer hold the ball. On the final moments of the German team full line pressure, to find consecutive French counterattack chance, Gignac's long-range Neuer also hugged. Moyes Jimi Xi biography, Mustafi header was saved by Lori brave.

Then again Goetze's header wide of goal. Final match will end, France, 2-0 victory over Germany, into the final success.

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