A friendly contest between Liverpool and Tranmere expanded. The two sides first half goalless draw, easy side battles break Ince broke the deadlock. Liverpool 1-0 final victory over Tranmere, made a warm-up match summer tour opener.

The game, Liverpool new aid within Malaysia, Matip, Carius both starter. The first eight minutes of the first half, Liverpool took the lead, Kent foot pocket in large restricted line shot, the ball just wide of the goal.

The first 19 minutes, Tranmere goalkeeper to attack the ball siege not clean, Flanagan hanger kick the ball wide.

The first 23 minutes, Tranmere won the corner kick opportunities, Cook Yiceng header, the ball hit the post pop-up.

The first 32 minutes, Ma large ball outside the area, Kent's shot was saved by goalkeeper.

The first 38 minutes, the ball within minutes after the break the ball to Phil horse minoxidil, which foot curve ball wide of the goal.

The first 41 minutes, Ma within single opportunity to get his teammates after receiving a through ball, but he hit the door was goalkeeper resolved. The first half ended, the two sides battle 0-0.

Easy side battles, both sides have done a lot of personnel changes. The first 67 minutes, Liverpool opportunity Ince kicker from the center after the ball reached the restricted area by goalkeeper rushed a bit, with tonic Kongmen Markovic, the ball hit the post pop-up.

The first 75 minutes, the ball inside the penalty area Wood Boone foot rub shot, the ball over the goalkeeper, but was defensive player of the siege line out the door, Markovic sent the ball pass, Boone is Wood barb foot is not marked.

The first 79 minutes, the deadlock was finally broken after the ball has run the ball to Arnold after Ince, Ince half turn to stop the strike foot volley to break each other's goal, 0-1!

Since then the two sides no achievements, the final 1-0 victory over rivals Liverpool.

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2016/7/9 17:29:56