French midfielder Matuyidi expressed Gelieziman fully capable to compete Golden Globe: "Gelieziman is a very good player, he was gifted, clear-headed, I think he is strong competition for the Golden Globes person. If I have the ability to vote for the Golden Globes, I would definitely vote for Gelieziman. Of course, I must admit that C Ronaldo is the favorite, but the final against France, Portugal, and not C Lo showdown Gelieziman. "

Matuyidi also praised the French final opponents Portugal: "Portugal are a good team, they not only have C Ronaldo, there are many other good players, such as Sangxie Si, Pepe and so we are two. support teams will make every effort to fight for the championship. "

For their own future, Matuyidi said: "I am now focusing on the European Cup, I have said I have a contract with PSG before I can do now is to play well the European Cup, the fight to get the title.

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2016/7/9 17:35:44