Which lasted 30 days, after 50 games of fierce competition, the current European Cup champion ushered in the ultimate battle, Portugal will host the French symbol of European competition for the king of glory Delaunay Cup. After the semi-final win over Wales, the Portuguese state has been adjusted to the best, they will be the team's first championship in the history and doing all. France toward Germany after the phase-out of the team, Block 3 European Cup attack. From a historical point of view clash record, Portugal, France nearly 10 war unbeaten, a slight psychological advantage.

First aspect, the top scorer in European Cup history and the Luo C European Cup scorer Gelieziman were led into battle. Portugal side, Pepe starters return from injury; France followed the semi-final lineup. Portugal slightly cautious after the start, in the field frequent bad, France sitting on the home field of the first potential onslaught launched.

3 minutes, Cedric backcourt accurate long pass found the forward runs of Nani, who chest under the collar after the ball in the penalty area at the top of the arc directly from the right foot volley, but the ball just over the bar.

6 minutes, Matuyidi through ball found the Gelieziman left, but his left foot into the restricted area after the latter Shishe put anti-aircraft guns. 8 minutes, C Luo in the collision and confrontation Payette knee injured, but after a brief comeback after treatment. 9 minutes, Payette steals the precise sent a long pass over the top of the ramp, Gelieziman insert a step before leaping shakes from the center line of the penalty area, Patricio back the way Dan Zhang ball care the beam.

With Houji Lu header inside the restricted area after being left corner Payette Patricio steadily confiscated. The first 16 minutes, C Luo knee injury against the case in the absence of pain fell to the ground again, after experiencing a brief bandage Injured C Luo continue fighting. The first 21 minutes, Moussa - Sissoko near the circle had the ball all the way to kill strode to the frontier closed area, but twist bow Nock Nushe up again.

The first 23 minutes, C Lo can not adhere to the game was off the pitch on a stretcher and left heartbroken tears, Quaresma stepped squad. 33 minutes, left the ball cross-knock restricted area Payette ribs, Moussa - Sissoko quickly turned heel after wave of clever ball right foot volley missed the goal near corner, the ball fell to the ground Patricio closed out.

The first 34 minutes, because the defense flying Cedric top down Payette eat first yellow card of the game. Opportunity 37 minutes, Nani on the right cross knock Road sharp break, unguarded A- Silva when the ball too great care in Umm Titi and Koscielny Wai grabbed lost kicker . The first 47 minutes, Joao - Mario left rib right foot precise pass over the Coase Czerny's head, but the ball fell in the door and no one outflanking.

Then the referee blew the whistle for halftime, the two sides into the intermission.

Easy side battles the second half, Nani and Pepe opening and then another in scraping down injured within five minutes, but simply did not cause illness. The first 51 minutes, Moussa - Sissoko Drive of Church Road trip back to the right oblique rib low pass sent the ball from the middle, but the restricted area outflank teammates did not run in place.

53 minutes, Bo Geba outside the area right foot towards the ball out of a mind leaves the ball, but the ball flew over the crossbar when already falling. The first 58 minutes, is fast teenager debut comin replaced Payette. The first 59 minutes, after the debut of the first leg comin straight to find the forward runs Gelieziman, but the latter broke into the restricted area of ​​the left foot hit the door was Patricio confiscated.

The first 62 minutes, after extraordinary chic Giroux was Joao - Mario kicked from behind, the latter has therefore been cautioned by the referee. The first 65 minutes, Koeman left foot sent continuously feint moon scimitar-like precision crossing came after a space, Gelieziman in a small closed line header unguarded situation wiping again beams fly.

The first 74 minutes, Coleman left the ball quickly got up and grabbed the ball after the fall cleverly sent the ball behind left foot shot burst inside the penalty area towards the ball Giroux was again Patricio brave saved.

The first 78 minutes, Eder Substitution of Sangxie Si. The first 79 minutes, Nani on the right pass the ball formed hanger, Lori Dan Zhang ball care out of the way back, but the ball siege not far, restricted area within Quaresma dashing towards the ball and was Lori Daoguajingou in clinging to the gate line.

The first 83 minutes, Moussa - Sissoko right foot shot burst raid on the way Patricio flying again closed out.

Within 91 minutes, Gignac turn around and restricted area after the ball turned administered withstand Pepe shot in the proximal column, Portugal escaped.

It is difficult to distinguish the two sides within 90 minutes of the outcome, the game into overtime.

Overtime both scathing, 94 minutes, Pepe header hoisting the restricted area offside position scraped post flew. Overtime scraping sides more intense, Guerrero, William - Carvalho and Matuyidi in just 10 minutes after another booked.

103 minutes Quaresma out of the right corner, leaping header in the penalty area Edel pound goal line at the door Lori Dan Zhang denied the ball.

107 minutes Eder with Koscielny scraping handball foul, the referee who mistakenly handball as Koscielny, to which produced a yellow card.

Portugal opportunity to get in front of the free kick 25 meters away, Guerrero left foot hit a wonderful Xiangjiao Qiu, after the ball hit the pop-up along the inner beam, the French team also escaped.

108 minutes Eder Road, turn around the ball to open the top koscielny defense, a short trip after a cross from the ground suddenly thunder right foot low shot bottom left corner of the goal. Lori fighting less. 1-0! Portugal lead.

With Houmaxiaer debut replaced Moussa - Sissoko, a French team only full stroke. But the French ultimately powerless, the final referee whistle ended the match, won the European Cup in Portugal historic title.

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