This summer, young rush Ford was first elected to the England national team, and by virtue of his talent and hard work won the playing time, although in the European Cup race, just play time failed to help England score, but he went on to win the acclaim.

Return to Manchester rush Ford is in the person's social network drying out of the a from in the special gift to his supporters, and send the gift of the master is a Manchester United legend David Beckham.

Beckham gave Rushford a printed with Beckham's 7th season Jersey, and wrote: "give Rushford, I wish you good luck, continue to train hard, with joy and passion play well, love you of David Beckham."

Rush Forde also Ins on the drying out of the gift, and wrote: the world's best players to get one of the best feeling of praise.

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2016/7/12 17:30:31