Although early in the 25th minute, Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo injured leave, but the Portuguese still rely on their indomitable will seize belonging to their first European Cup.

The French team coach Deschamps said: "we waste this chance to win third seat Delaunay cup. Even if the team is a little tired, but this is not an excuse to lose. It was a very close game, but the result was disappointing for us."

Host France in 1984 and the European Cup in 2000, the French stadium in the game this should be the best opportunity to win their third. But Portugal goalkeeper Patricio heroically saved Geleg Saltzman capsules will enter the ball, came off the bench to Gignac shot also hit the crossbar, Adair in a 25 yard shot from let the Portuguese became a champion.

He said: "we have a lot of chances in the last person Gignac wasted. Portugal have the same chance, unfortunately, we do not grasp the opportunity and they seize the opportunity. We won't deny the results before the game, but we still miss a good chance to win the European Cup - not the only one, but it is the best."

Atletico Madrid striker Glenn Seidman with 6 goals won the European Cup Golden boot, he was leading the second 3 goals.

"This does not mean the end."

Didier Deschamps in history as a player was a French team won the 1998 World Cup and 2000 European Cup winning captain, he in 2012 his inauguration the French national team coach.

The 47 year old coach does not want to talk about his future. He said, "I don't want to talk about myself tonight. I need time to digest this.". Our young players have a great performance and I am proud of what we have achieved in this tournament. But we have such a fantastic team did not win, which is a disappointment."

"This does not mean the end. Although we are very optimistic, but tonight is really disappointing. But I believe we will have a better tomorrow, let us look to the future."

"Deschamps still is the most suitable for the French team of people."

1998 France World Cup winner Thierry Henry believes should continue to serve as the French team coach Didier deschamps.

The former Arsenal striker, now famous BBC on player said: "many people questioned why not Kanter deschamps. Football is like this, when you lose the others will not stop to question you. But I still think that Deschamps is the best candidate for the French team coach, we through the World Cup qualifier to see it, let us wait and see. "

France in September 6th will be the first World Cup qualifying match in Belarus. They have a group of Holland, Sweden, Bulgaria and Luxemburg.

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