According to the sports daily reported, Guardiola and Txiki Begiristain hope to introduce a technology at the foot of outstanding goalkeeper and team although England goalkeeper Hart, but his feet to the top goalkeepers mentioned in the same breath.

Bayern goalkeeper noyle and Barcelona goalkeeper Gunther Shi roots and Bravo have this technology, but obviously the introduction of the former is almost impossible so city's aimed at the Barcelona two goalkeepers.

According to reports, Bravo people around said Manchester City have already contacted the player agent Christian ogalde, even have asked Barcelona is willing to sell the Chile abroad.

But Barca President bartomeu in a press conference on June 30, said the team hopes to continue to maintain the goalkeeper allocation of te Gen Bravo Garet M Skei.

Apparently Barca won't even consider selling 24 the myrtle roots. He is Barcelona goalkeeper position now and in the future, and has 33 year old Bravo despite the excellent state, but he more is Barcelona and is not in the future, despite the team wants to keep the two configurations.

If the sale of Bravo, the main problem is his age and ability is not, under two kinds of Barcelona will consider letting Bravo: 1, Bravo, you want to go; 2, offer enough to attract people, such as Manchester City will certainly in the economy to help the team.

According to the sports daily reported, shortly before Bravo had asked the club to if you receive a huge bid please let him go. The deal is the biggest problem is price of Barcelona on Bravo 20 million euros, this for a 33 year old goalkeeper is a little high, but for Manchester City is not a problem, sign it, or not will depend on the decision of Pep Guardiola.

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2016/7/13 17:16:10