Local time on May 13, Odom a brothel in Nevada was found in a coma, she rushed to hospital after he allegedly was a drug overdose, plus taking herbal Viagra, resulting in coma. After several days of rescue, Odom finally wake up. Now, prosecutors said, to consider allegations of a drug felony Odom.

Nye County District Attorney Angela - Belo today, said the county office last week submitted a potential prosecution possible, a prosecutor prepared to Odom's allegations type classified as the illegal use of cocaine, or illegal use Regulated by drugs.

As for the specific details, Belo refused to disclose, she only said his office expected to spend more than a week's time to investigate the matter.

Odom after the accident, the authorities of his blood drawn, is to check whether he cocaine overdose, and later released the report, it confirmed that the blood does contain cocaine Odom ingredients.

The Associated Press contacted on the matter Odom aspects of family representatives, a representative did not comment on the matter, saying only that Odom now in body recovery.

According to his wife before Odom Kohler - card Dai Shan talk show on the revealed, Odom now begin again like a child learning to talk, walk, eat, although he can be seen from this incident to retrieve his own life, but drugs, drugs for his physical injuries is still quite large, the future takes a long recovery period. Obviously Odom is now unable to cope with the lawsuit, Kohler reason why he did not even dare to tell us the truth hospitalized, he is afraid of stimulation, if faced felony charges, the case I do not know what will happen Odom repeated.

2015/11/16 18:45:39