Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon believes, and he's in the same era goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, Schmeichel and Cech is one of the best.

Today is the name of Juventus goalkeeper made his debut in Serie 20th anniversary, he also received the "Marca" interview, talked about his peers.

"And I'm the same age players, Casillas is the best goalkeeper," Buffon said. "He always has the best technology and people always talk about Yashin, Zamora, Zoff, Stoudemire and Banks."

"If I had to pick out the best goalkeeper of my age, I think that Schmeichel, Zenga, Pagliuca and Zubizarreta."

"Over the past 10 years, then, Cech and Casillas is the best goalkeeper, while nearly three years I think it is Neuer, he was very great. However, in general the most comprehensive Cech."

In addition, the most representative of the Italian national team appearances Buffon same battle had talked with his Spanish striker. "The most powerful must be Raul, Torres followed. There was a time ur Seth also very strong."

Finally, this legendary goalkeeper on the pitch of the most talked about things that make him angry: "When I make a beautiful saves, results of the other strikers complete blank range in the case of unmarked, I would be very angry!

2015/11/20 1:53:03