The former Chelsea midfielder Claude Makelele believes Leicester City midfielder Kanter should be more European club.

After 25 years of Canterbury since last summer from Caen, joined Leicester City has maintained a very good performance, Leicester City win miracle one hero, was named to the French team to participate in the European Cup. Kanter in the destructive power of midfielder can not help but think of Claude Makelele, who have helped Chelsea in the 2004-05 season created 15 goals in the Premier League single season the fewest goals conceded record.

Makelele said: "I like my way of playing, I want to make my teammates happy, I do not need to score, but the team can still achieve good results. My work is very difficult, but I like it very much. I don't like it when people compare Kanter with me. Kanter is Kanter. I want him to do more than me. I like to watch him play, I can see that he is very enjoy, I like the kind of player who is willing to play for the team.

"You can see a lot of teams have big players, but in my opinion the spirit of the will is the most important reason to win. Kanter is now in a very good state, he will start to take part in the Champions League, which is another event, the pressure will not be the same, as for the country to play the same. He needs to accumulate enough experience through the game. He can hold his own style of play, to be happy, but he needs to play for a big team."

Paris Saint Germain, Arsenal and Shanghai harbor intends to introduce Kanter, but according to the daily telegraph, Leicester City hope by the team top salary to keep the French midfielder.

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2016/7/14 17:27:15