With the team in pre-season tour of Austria training gap, the Paris players Lucas evacuated answered L'Equipe several reporters about summer and his teammates Malki Niosi.

How to feel the zipper?

"I feel good, and I'm happy. We have a lot of training, but all the players are very acceptable. I think we will have a good start at the start of the season."

How to evaluate the role of coach Emeri?

"He is very focused on the team's technical and tactical deployment. The structure of the team's tactical system is a very important thing, in the past it was a problem for me, but I think we will be more organized in the future, the team will be more organized."

What do you have to say about Ben Alfa?

"He is an incredible player dribbling technique very well. He will give us a lot of help, all the players will be able to help the team will be welcomed."

Last season your starting position is not very strong, especially in the end of the season, why do you think?

"I always think about the belief that I can contribute to the team, and I want to be a starter for all the players. I am not here special, of course, there is a competition, but I will try my best to get into the starting, to help the team."

Did you ever think about leaving this summer?

"No, I have had a good time here. I like the club and the city. I have already shown that I want to stay here and write my history here, but it also depends on the club. If the club wants me to stay, I'll stay."

You and Malki Niosi relationship is very good, the club refused to let him participate in the Rio Olympic Games, how he felt?

"It's hard to say. All players want to be included in the Olympic games. This is a difficult and personal decision. But the club will have an idea.

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2016/7/14 17:31:09