According to the Aspen quoted the French media Le10 sport reports that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and coach Zidane in the team midfielder eudes high produce the differences. Florentino Perez asked eudes high in the preseason, but Zidane was originally did not wish to bring Norwegian teenager to Canada. At the same time, the media said club has been seeking a Bundesliga club for the Norwegian teenager, they hope will Ecuador JCDecaux out on loan.

Real Madrid in 2015 to sign the eard, when the team to the price of 250 million euros will Norwegians bring Madrid, and he signed for a period of 6 years of contract. Aspen said ODO high salary after tax 120 million euros, this salary also makes reserves in other small players feel very uncomfortable and eudes high performance in the reserve team can't make people satisfied.

The media said that according to the requirements of the contract, eudes high every week have 5 days time is required with the first team training, Zidane was very don't like this way of training, because Laiedegao so a is more difficult to adapt to the rhythm of the reserve the.

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2016/7/18 16:06:16