Messi, 29, a total of 55 goals for the national team in Argentina, but in the last month after losing to Chile in the Americas Cup final in Argentina, Messi chose to retire from the national team.

So far, five Golden Globe winner Messi has scored 1 World Cup finals and the 3 American Cup final, but he has lost all of these games.

After C and his Portugal win the Euro Cup in 2016, "C Luo and Messi, who is the best in the world?"" The problem has been brought up again, but Ronaldinho, the 2002 World Cup champion, thinks his old team mate Messi is still the best player in the world.

Ronaldinho said: "for me, Messi quit the national team did not have any effect on him. He is still the best football player in the world, I do not have the slightest change in respect of his. But if he's out of the country, I think the fans will miss him."

Ronaldinho had won the Golden Globe Award in 2005, he also played for Barcelona for 5 years, he and Messi had played together in the battle. Ronaldinho still think that Messi made to the teachings of Neymar as he did to Messi.

The 36 year old Brazilian legend said: "I think my year of Messi to teach my experience, now Macy's is on Neymar do with me when he did the same thing. It's a very important thing for the old players to pass on the experience to the new players. I think that's one of the reasons why Neymar is so quick to adapt to the club's style."

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2016/7/18 16:09:56