Sunday afternoon local time, German army RB Leipzig and regional league team Frankfurt an der oder was a friendly, but in the game the caddie hair now on both sides of the box are covered with screws.

The atmosphere of the friendly match was very friendly, and the rival fans were hostile to RB Leipzig. Oder Frankfurt fans banners in the stands: "no" to RB, "RB" and other banners. In before the game caddy on the both sides of the box are found in many about 5 cm of the screws, then the staff promptly clean up, the game can be carried out smoothly.

Leipzig director Rangnick said: we can not take this thing too seriously, but some crazy fans do." The other's chairman also said: "the whole thing is so frustrating, it will happen."."

RB Leipzig in Leipzig and not too many fans, many extreme fans very boycott Leipzig Leipzig often sits on the road will by the rival fans full of malicious.

But competition Leipzig boys played well, and ultimately to a 10-0 win, striker Selke staged a hat trick, Timothy Werner Mei opened two degrees.

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2016/7/18 16:11:46