According to the "Aspen" reported that Real Madrid coach Zidane held a press conference in the Montreal team for the first time.

How Real Madrid are ready to start the season

"The best way, today is the first day, we are very happy to return the team to participate in the training, we all know and a lot of players failed to rejoin, but I'm glad and these players to be together."

Morata's future

"He's one of the team. I'm glad he can come back. Morata is our own people, he is also very clear what is Real Madrid, we are very happy that Alvaro can be with us again. Then we'll know the results... We now have a very deep squad, every player will be a very important presence, Alvaro is also the case."

Have you made any requests to the chairman this summer?

"The most important is the team's training. The training time of these ten days is very important for us. We will have 10 days and 3 friendly games to play, which is the most important thing for me. And the rest of the rest will slowly become clear. You don't know what's going to happen until August 31st. For the team's current lineup, we are very satisfied, we have just won the Champions league..."

Why did Real Madrid choose Montreal as a pre-season training ground?

"It's a decision made by the club, there are a lot of areas where we can go, and it's my pleasure to be here for me. This is a French speaking and a wonderful place, and the most important of all is that we can train together in such a beautiful place."


"I am very happy with the players I have. This lineup has been difficult to strengthen the. I like Pogba very much, he is very good, but it is not the kind of unique player. All the teams are enjoying the good players. At the moment he is a Juventus player and I am thinking about the things I do now that I still have to be able to finish the normal training, but this is the summer of the European Cup. Now the team's goal is to prepare for the European Super Cup in August 9th, which is very important for us."

In the first training, the last team just ran 25 minutes, how to look at the status of these young people?

"The state is normal, this is an easy training. Because this is our first training. We have to know that we have just come here, the players did not get much sleep time, after the hard training is going to be there (laughs)."

Have you ever been in contact with J Luo in the summer?

"My attitude to J Luo is the same. He is a player of Real Madrid, he will be in 26 and Ramos and Luka Modric joined. When the time comes, I will all of them to talk to. I can't tell you if it's going to be a starter after J, and I can say that J is an important part of our squad. It is true that he has had little time to play last season, but I am not the first to judge a player. When I think he needs to play, he's got a chance, and this year will be the case. We have a strong squad, so it is very difficult for me to make a choice. But I also could be the most competitive team."

Another need to mention is the name of Hesse, would you advise him to leave?

"It was a difficult situation for him. Have a strong squad means in Paibingbuzhen there will be trouble. But that's the problem you need to solve as a Real Madrid boss. I don't like those young people who are going to be ready to come up. A lot of people left, but then it will come back, just like Vasquez, and Carbajal as morata. Why don't you try to use those young people who are preparing for the team? No matter what we say, our team is very deep, I will also consider this way, because we have to know that after so many games is the need to prepare our full. Hesse is a member in our squad, last season he really did not get too many chances, I was head coach of Real Madrid, I need his, because I appreciate him very much, but if I were his family, maybe I'll advised him to look for other opportunities, but I am the boss, perhaps an opportunity like that after him here can get... We will know the result after this problem. But I am very happy to have Hersey, because I know his ability."

There are a lot of stars in the end to the United States Major League football until retirement. Do you think about this option when you are close to your retirement? If you choose, is it possible to come to Montreal to play football?

"Although there are a lot of teams have been in contact with me, but I have been thinking very clearly, I want to do is to end their players in Real Madrid career. With regard to the major league of the United States, I am more inclined to tell the truth, I usually do not pay particular attention to the league. And now I'm all over the team and in the League."

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