Barcelona announced on the official website and the team's current chest advertising sponsors Qatar Airways contract extension 1 years, the new contract will end in June 30, 2017, the conditions are also consistent with the current sponsorship contract.

Qatar Airways from 2013 to sponsor Barcelona, according to the time of the contract agreement, the annual sponsorship fee of 60 million euros. Originally Qatar Airways sponsorship contracts will be at the end of last season due, Barcelona want to sponsor fee increased to 75 million euros, but Qatar Airways reluctant to increase prices. Therefore, Barcelona are interested in looking for a new front sponsors.

According to earlier reports, Barcelona and Internet Co to discuss sponsorship, but the latter is more willing to start offering sponsorship from next season, which may also be the reason for the 1 year contract renewal with Qatar airways.

Arroyo Manel, vice president of Barcelona in charge of the market, said: Qatar Airways these years has been to help Barcelona become more powerful, the club's achievements also have their credit. I am honored to continue to cooperate with them for one year, hoping to grow together."

Qatar aviation general manager Akbar al Baker said: "three years since we have such a great team and development the relationship is very stable, we are very proud and honored to be able to continue the relationship, we hope can then spend a great season."

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2016/7/20 17:16:37